The Last Moonman - Sacha G [Synth-Pop]

What originally started as a remix of Rick & Morty’s Goodbye Moonmen ended up as a weird 80’s style synth-pop (I think?) song:

This is my first time posting a track here, looking for feedback!

Nicley done. Strong start to a first release!
I thought the way you structured the song was really cool and you didn’t repeat the same thing too much, you changed it up and kept it interested as the song progressed. Definitely feeling the 80’s vibe with a little influence of daft punk there at the end. I loved that little finger tap style solo!

The only thing I wanted to change was the tempo to make it more up beat but the tempo you had still worked!

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Thanks! Yeah you can never go wrong with Daft Punk arpeggios :wink:

I did wonder about the tempo after listening to it, it’s really hard to know what sounds right once you’ve listened to your own song a bunch… I might experiment with a faster pace, thanks for the tip!

Dude daft punk are legendary! But honestly it still doesn’t sound bad with the tempo it’s at and, it’s sometimes hard to find a good balance with that