The Inspiration Board of Wonders

This is a place where you post anything and everything to inspire other people; whether it be an old melody, a sick drum track, your favorite song, great artists, or even just inspiring words. I kinda want this to grow up to be a central hub for Auxy Disco (kinda like the meme thread lol).

So… inspire away, friends!

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This has been my favorite track lately

Take from it what you can.

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Can I post a project? i don’t want anyone to use it though.

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Secret project alert

Um… sure? Can’t gurantee nobody will click on it, but I don’t mind at all.

The melodies always gets my juices flowing

Good thread.

I often find inspiration from record hunting.
I can spend hours digging through old electro records… :robot:

Or I can lay in bed eating Doritos and watch others do it on Youtube.


Vocal Chops + Melodic DnB = Total Inspiration.

@DH0 posted this in a different thread. I found it inspiring.
“Don’t do what seems right, do what feels right”


shameless self plug

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your mom


draw all your inspiration

I find this sort of stuff super inspiring.
I can’t wait to go to a Photon show the next time I’m in Europe.