The Hunt - AMA [EDM]


Thats some “Women want me, Fish fear me” type album cover. Definitely going to check this out


lol thanks! link would work now

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i love it! really well produced track, outperforming auxy itself! :))

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THX! I just spent over a year on that lol. still wasn’t satisfied but I got everything I could out of it


Haha that’s perfect

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yes everyone this was inspired by a crimson but no, the songs are nothing alike. just 4 measures in the intro. and I used the same instruments. Other than that this is entirely my hard work that I have spent a year on.

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Nice pfp.

Hehe thenk u :))

I love it @AMA!!! Amazing work! I can totally tell you spent a long time on it. It’s perfect!!

thx bro!

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No problem!

Credit the inspiration. The notes in the drop section are about the same, with the last 4 from each phrase being a different pitch. Not trying to be a downer here, but it seems wrong to say this is completely original and 100% your own work…

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ok whatever lol. the rythem and notes are completly diffenrent. i seriously took the instruments from a two scene demo and made an entire song only using a few phrases from the demo mixed in. the projects look nothing alike and mine is so much more complex so yeah. listen to them side by side and there completley differnent. they justr sound similar cause the sounds. say what you want but this is 2 years of hard work mixing and mastering. the only thing thats similar is 4 measures in the intro

Honestly, it doesn’t really matter to me, do whatever makes you happy. The only reason I’m even commenting on this thread is because to me, it seems wrong to use a lot of someone else’s work, even if it’s the sound design or a 4-bar loop, to make your own thing and not credit the original artist.


I thought he had credited but i suppose you mean in the soundcloud post. However, one could argue that BO really isn’t a thing anymore, and none of his songs anywhere anymore. I don’t even think the Crimson demo is on auxy anymore. But I see where you’re coming from.

I see where you’re coming from, but crediting literally anywhere but the comments section after people ask about it would be better.

The crimson demo isn’t available anymore in the news section, but the song is actually still up on SoundCloud. blackocean changed his name on SoundCloud to “jimmy Wilde”, and if you search “crimson jimmy wilde” on SoundCloud, you’ll find it. Even so, it shouldn’t really matter whether the demo is still there or whether blackocean still exists as blackocean.

But in the grand scheme of things, people sample stuff all the time without credit. Not saying that’s something everyone should do, but do whatever you want. Just my thoughts.

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BO might come back some day, right snowy?