The Hum - Hern [Experimental]

Ayy the album is out finally. Been working on this for a while, hope you people enjoy it. This album still follows a horror theme (technically) but is more about schizophrenia and paranoia than anything else. This album is entirely sample based. Now, that doesn’t mean that there is no original material (bcz i sample myself quite a few times). But, most of it is still made up of chopped, manipulated, and distorted samples.

If this interests you, the link is here:

Album art is here:

This will probably be my last album on this account in 2019, more coming next year I promise. Hope you enjoy, constructive criticism is highly encouraged.


A really strong release.
All killer, no filler.

My only critique is that I wish they were a little longer.
I’d definitely play a few of those.


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Awesome, first off, the way the tracks blend together is really well done. The texture of all tracks is great, such good sample choice. Really well played! Kind of reminds me of what it would sound like if Akira Yamaoka and The Dust Brothers/Chemical Brothers had some weird baby :smiley:

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Haven’t listened to it yet but I’m hyped to!

Finna listen. Hyyype