The HOUSE MUSIC Challenge (MARCH 2018)

My new track for the challenge
MEGACLAW - Expansion

Gave delay and reverb on second baseline which gives that cool effect…

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End of March. I’m not choosing any winners (it’s a challenge, not a competition), but will collate a list at the end of the month.

Sounds good. Go for it. “Bassline House” is listed at the top.

Alright then. Here we go.

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Ambient house release coming up. Here’s some electro house for now. Characterised by big drums and spiky synth stab drops. Super inspired by @Fokkses



  • Acid house - Megaclaw
  • Ambient house - Southborne
  • Complextro - Xiejra
  • Deep house - CRASH, Megaclaw
  • Dream house - Produk, crystldawn, SanaB
  • Dutch house - Stigmo(?)
  • Electro house - LimeZ, Southborne.
  • Fidget house - Polar
  • French house - nrgb
  • Funky house - tornait, Mr Chips
  • Future house - Otzsil, retroverse
  • Ghetto House - surf
  • Minimal house - Mister Master
  • Progressive house - Viiitality
  • Swing house - TheRealJFalc
  • Tech house - Nick Elle (Nick Lecroix)
  • Tribal house - Shephe
  • Tropical house - SpaghettiSauce
  • Witch House - DHO

Unclaimed genres

  • Afro house
  • Balearic beat
  • Baltimore club
  • Bassline house - Kerfuffle?
  • Big room house
  • Chicago house
  • Christian House
  • Disco house
  • Diva house
  • Euro house
  • Folk house
  • Garage house
  • Hard house
  • Italo house
  • Jazz house
  • Juke house
  • Kwaito
  • Latin house
  • Madchester
  • Moombahton
  • New beat
  • Nu-NRG

Cause I’m Aussie?
Jk i love this song


Also yeah I’m actually Australian

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Nearly done with mine. Turning out to sound a bit more like Dubstep tbh

Does it count then?

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Yeah It still does cause Its got the standard requirements for complextro style. Its just very virtual riot like (my track)

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That’s not Deep House.

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I have completed my deep house track. (Not sure if it really meets all the standards of deep house, but that’s what this challenge is all about.) I had a great time doing this!

Now for what I learned about deep house:
Deep house originated in the 1980’s and has a lot of features that make it sound very chill. First of all, it has chords, like most types of music, of course. It also has (usually) a plucked melody or vocal chops with a plucked bass. Those make up most of the drop/chorus/whatever else you wish to call it.
My inspiration for this song was a video about an FL Studio tutorial on how to make deep house by The Producer school. ( Even though it was an FL Studio tutorial, it helped me get the basic idea of this genre, including the bassline and the melody. Anyways, hope you like the song!


Nice track Crash. You’ve got a new follower on Soundcloud.


At the end of March, I’ll create a list of all of the submitted House Music genres & will post it in the “Finished Tracks” category of the forum as an Auxy House Music compilation.

Here’s some artwork I’ve prepared, but I’ll adjust it once I know who’s got tracks done.


Switching over to Progressive House, got a track of that style in the works :sweat_smile:

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I have no idea how to do house but I’ll try!

Will release Friday most likely!