The HOUSE MUSIC Challenge (MARCH 2018)

18/4/1? What is that supposed to mean.

Year / month / day

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Here is my Tech House track.


Super polished. :+1:

What tools did you use?


I started with Auxy, then I bounced to Ableton Live, and added a bunch of different plugins and other synth plugins, and of course, the glorious Roland TR-909 drum samples. :wink:


Tu es comique, Monsieur Maître

I’m going to try Deep House. We’ll see how this goes.

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Awesome Crash. Thanks!!

can i try tribal house? i already did an entry but i have a great idea for a tribal song @MisterMaster

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Glad you’re enjoying the House Challenge. I may end up doing two genre’s myself as my Mimimal House track is coming along nicely.

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What would you guys say my music would fall into? I don’t really care much about genres; I just make music. (Electronica? Dance?)

Minimal House
A.K.A MicroHouse


  • My initial inspiration came from this track Employee - By Studiogemeinschaft
  • Minimal drums / snares are often just a click or hiss, so I shortened the length of my Auxy drum samples.
  • Opened with a simple unaccompanied beat to establish the minimalism from the start.
  • Wrote the track using sporadic sounds, rather than a constant melody, sometimes achieving this by writing a longer melody, then removing some notes to make it more sparse. Likewise limited the number of layers.
  • By slightly delaying some sounds, so they don’t play exactly when they’re expected, it creates a momentary feeling of “something missing” which adds to the minimalism.
  • Included a vocal, but cut it back to two words from the sample only ie: same approach used with removing some of the notes. Vocal was by Kate Wild [Free]
  • Not specific to Minimal House, but the male & female vocals are the same sample at different pitches, which I also played together for a brief duet.
  • I exported the finished Auxy track as audio and put it through the free Mix-Down tool Bandlab. I had to create a free account, but it definitely improved the sound despite being a simple DRAG and DROP of the sound file to process it.

This was my first minimal House track and I really enjoyed writing it. Will probably have another crack at this genre in future.



Ayy, got a new EP coming out. Expect my track to be there— and yup, it’s got more funk than a dirty sock dipped in rotten fish and spoiled butter.

Oh, that mental image… anyways, i’ll post the song here when the EP’s up.

Fidget house, baby. Time to sample the fidget spinner :thinking:

Time to listen to all the fidget house tracks I can find, and maybe even read some articles about it


Here’s my track! :slight_smile: Mostly I had to learn about the House genre. NickLecroix gave me some tips, so I decided to write a spooky themed track using House aspects. I couldn’t find much out about Witch House, so this may be completely off. I also should have spent more time on it, it’s not that great. :sweat_smile:


Just, saw you posted this. Lol, I’m going at it soon here. Just made he melody, and now I gotta put a spinner in the beat somewhere.


Hey, i’d Like to participate … is this going all march long? When’s the due date.

I noticed @kiP was doing fidget house, and since he’s almost done, i’d Like to involve myself in a more recent sub genre that evolved because of that sound.

If you would allow it, i’d Like to add and complete a Bass House track. The likes of brohug, ephwurd, Jvst say yes, joyryde all have contributed and evolved the genre over the last few years and it’s something I can’t get enough of.

@TheRealJFalc I bet that threw you off, hard house is cool and all, it’s just not my thing :stuck_out_tongue: although I do like the idea of dropping a fusion section in a house track that’s of the hard element.


Gonna go for a Virtual Riot styled complextro :0

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Earbuds for that lmao

My new Track for my first contest.
some nice and weird stuff.
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