The HOUSE MUSIC Challenge (MARCH 2018)

I got you man! (If I have time though lol)

You know what’s up :smirk:


You’ve got a month. No excuses!! :slight_smile:

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I think a master’s degree is a valid excuse xD



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Lol kk will do:

I’m sorry for everyone who got confused after watching this :grin: But it is about Amsterdam and it’s Dutch House so yeah…

@MisterMaster I’ve got a busy month ahead, but I’ll do my best anyway!


It’s actually a bachelor’s degree, but I appreciate that you do know what I’m doing :muscle:

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No pressure! Only if time permits.

Thanks for the vid - I had no idea what Dutch House sounded like!

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Oh! Well whopse xD Close enough not really x3

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How are we looking so far…

Covered Genres:

  • Ambient house Southborne

  • Dream house Produk, crystldawn, SanaB

  • Dutch house - Maybe Stigmo!

  • Electro house LimeZ

  • French house - nrgb

  • Funky house tornait, Mr Chips

  • Future house Otzsil, retroverse

  • Ghetto House surf

  • Minimal house - Mister Master

  • Moombahton iaatoe

  • Progressive house - Viiitality

  • Swing house TheRealJFalc

  • Tech house Nick Elle (Nick Lecroix)

  • Tropical house SpaghettiSauce

  • Witch House - DHO

Genre’s that no-one has chosen yet:

  • Acid house

  • Afro house

  • Balearic beat

  • Baltimore club

  • Bassline house

  • Big room house

  • Chicago house

  • Christian House

  • Complextro

  • Deep house

  • Disco house

  • Diva house

  • Euro house

  • Fidget house

  • Folk house

  • Garage house

  • Hard house

  • Italo house

  • Jazz house

  • Juke house

  • Kwaito

  • Latin house

  • Madchester

  • New beat

  • Nu-NRG

  • Tribal house


If @Kerfuffle ever makes music again I’d wager he’d do Hard House. Hard stuff is his thing. Don’t misinterpret that either >~<


Will do! And you’re welcome :v: I’ll add my name above as well
@TheRealJFalc it was close though

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I’m currently working on a song that could work for this, but I have no idea what sub genre it is exactly. It’s honestly a mix of a bunch - it has some euro sounding bits to it, some progressive house inspired aspects, techno-y elements… I have no idea what to classify my stuff as anymore.

I’ve spent the day trawling through my old disco records and I couldn’t be happier.
This was a terrific idea @MisterMaster !

Honestly think I’ll have a go at a few different genres. Is that allowed?

Also, how does my ‘Christian House’ comment only have two likes? You people are animals…


Yep - that’s the whole point of this challenge. To encourage us all to investigate new genres. I suggest you start with the genre and then write a new track, rather than trying to squeeze an existing track into it.

You have old disco records! hahaha.

Know what you mean. I’ve been learning a lot about this stuff today.

Sure, you can put your name next to more genre’s if you want.

No-one wants to offend Jesus.


I’ll go tribal house :raised_hands:


Cool - put your name in the top post.

That’s another genre covered!



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Somebody make fidget house with fidget spinner samples. I dare you. Also, when is this due?

End of the month right? Midnight of 18/4/1

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