The HOUSE MUSIC Challenge (MARCH 2018)

Pick something you find interesting.

Deep House or Big Room might match your style? Or perhaps you want to try something completely different.

I’m hoping someone picks Fidget House.

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Said you can choose any genre

…and it’s still okay!!


Deep House or Big Room?
Those are completely different.

yeah, they’re both listed separately at the top.

He asked which genre’s he should consider, so I suggested a couple.

i finished my ghetto house track

i think the one thing i learned is that sometimes repetition is good… i had the melody repeat throughout the whole song and it never really got annoying because everything else kept changing… it’s something that’s true for every genre

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Glad you’re taking part.

Please put your name in the top post against your chosen genre.

And remember:

This is to help us all learn about the genres.

Also, everyone’s got the whole of March to make their submission, so it doesn’t have to be in immediately!

lol aight imma edit that rn

Do I really have to quote myself again?

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  1. I’m new here!
  2. This challenge looks awesome.
  3. Definitely taking future house.

(also, how do I edit this?)

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Welcome! New members can’t see the EDIT button on the top post. So I’ll add you in.

Thanks for playing!

Horse? How about… GOAT ;3

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Low key high key triggered


Legit, you should make use of auxy sampling to make… goat house :DD

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Oooh I like this.
Maybe I’ll try some Dutch House (which is basically the same as Dirty House right?) if I have time. Time to bring back dem bleeps.


Awesome! Do it! Do it! I didn’t think anyone would pick that.

Also, Dirty House LOL.

bby take me to amsterdam ;3 you got this!