The HOUSE MUSIC Challenge (MARCH 2018)

put my name down for dream house, trying out chiller stuff now

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Same. I literally just had a melody and forgot it now :L

I’m not really good at classifying styles, but happy to participate in this challenge.
My track (or at least my first track) mr. chips - y1:

DHO puts his name down for :ghost::house:


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The idea is that you pick a HOUSE SUB-GENRE from the list at the top of the thread.

Check out the instructions at the top. :slight_smile:

Yeah, call it funky house then, I read it :slight_smile:


House Challenge goes all month.

Maybe you’ll be un-dead in a bit…

Produk already took that. Try to take something else, but you still can take dream house.

I think people can share genres…@MisterMaster

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Yep. Says that in the top post.

It’s cool if we cover more genres, but also okay to pick something someone else has chosen.

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Ok then.

I know.

For me personally, this topic is a good source of inspiration and motivation to make tracks.


I just put my name under Electro House ;D

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What do we do with the tracks when we’re done with them, @MisterMaster?
Do we just post them on Soundcloud, or post them here, or both?

Which one would I fall into? @MisterMaster

You can post a link to them in this topic. I’ll collate a list at the end.

Ah, thanks.

Is there only one spot per genre?