The HOUSE MUSIC Challenge (MARCH 2018)

I’ve spent the day trawling through my old disco records and I couldn’t be happier.
This was a terrific idea @MisterMaster !

Honestly think I’ll have a go at a few different genres. Is that allowed?

Also, how does my ‘Christian House’ comment only have two likes? You people are animals…


Yep - that’s the whole point of this challenge. To encourage us all to investigate new genres. I suggest you start with the genre and then write a new track, rather than trying to squeeze an existing track into it.

You have old disco records! hahaha.

Know what you mean. I’ve been learning a lot about this stuff today.

Sure, you can put your name next to more genre’s if you want.

No-one wants to offend Jesus.


I’ll go tribal house :raised_hands:


Cool - put your name in the top post.

That’s another genre covered!



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Somebody make fidget house with fidget spinner samples. I dare you. Also, when is this due?

End of the month right? Midnight of 18/4/1

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18/4/1? What is that supposed to mean.

Year / month / day

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Here is my Tech House track.


Super polished. :+1:

What tools did you use?


I started with Auxy, then I bounced to Ableton Live, and added a bunch of different plugins and other synth plugins, and of course, the glorious Roland TR-909 drum samples. :wink:


Tu es comique, Monsieur Maître

I’m going to try Deep House. We’ll see how this goes.

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Awesome Crash. Thanks!!

can i try tribal house? i already did an entry but i have a great idea for a tribal song @MisterMaster

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Glad you’re enjoying the House Challenge. I may end up doing two genre’s myself as my Mimimal House track is coming along nicely.

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What would you guys say my music would fall into? I don’t really care much about genres; I just make music. (Electronica? Dance?)

Minimal House
A.K.A MicroHouse


  • My initial inspiration came from this track Employee - By Studiogemeinschaft
  • Minimal drums / snares are often just a click or hiss, so I shortened the length of my Auxy drum samples.
  • Opened with a simple unaccompanied beat to establish the minimalism from the start.
  • Wrote the track using sporadic sounds, rather than a constant melody, sometimes achieving this by writing a longer melody, then removing some notes to make it more sparse. Likewise limited the number of layers.
  • By slightly delaying some sounds, so they don’t play exactly when they’re expected, it creates a momentary feeling of “something missing” which adds to the minimalism.
  • Included a vocal, but cut it back to two words from the sample only ie: same approach used with removing some of the notes. Vocal was by Kate Wild [Free]
  • Not specific to Minimal House, but the male & female vocals are the same sample at different pitches, which I also played together for a brief duet.
  • I exported the finished Auxy track as audio and put it through the free Mix-Down tool Bandlab. I had to create a free account, but it definitely improved the sound despite being a simple DRAG and DROP of the sound file to process it.

This was my first minimal House track and I really enjoyed writing it. Will probably have another crack at this genre in future.