The forum will close down on 30 September


I agree with 100%.

(I’m still personally of the view that the best thing for Auxy might be for Lenberg to sell it, and I’m wondering what a community/DAO buy-out might look like.

It’s my belief that Auxy will just exist in the background for them, producing a steady flow of (now passive) income. There’s little reason for them to do anything new/more.

Imo, there are still some very obvious bits missing from which the app, the users, and the music made using Auxy would greatly benefit.

(I also strongly believe there is good market potential in opening Auxy up to the creation and use of 3rd-party sound packs, creating a side-market, and giving the app a better shelf-life.)

Those who joined back when monthly sound packs were part of the offer promise (:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:), and the became ‘locked in’ by having a large backlog of formative ideas stored in a proprietary format (and no batch export/port options) (:raised_hand:) is one thing. But having a forever frozen library of a couple of dozen sound packs (of patchy quality and flexibility) and a thousands of often indistinguishable, and certainly difficult to navigate, one-hit samples isn’t likely to drive sign-ups compared to apps which are evidently alive and which shows signs of having new content/assets (and engagement with, and respect for, their own user community) to refresh and expand production options and drive a sense that you’re part of something alive and interesting.

Consequently, Auxy is likely to experience gradual slope off of downloads and subscriptions (it likely already is). Without a Plan B, that only ends one way — and that would really be a shame.


Yes, thank you for shutting down 8 days before my birthday. Like, I know the forum is dying but… okay, fine…

Well written my man.

I’ve seen a lot of apps go the way of the dodo, I’ve been doing this iOS music thing for quite some time:

The worst thing is that each year you just wait to see who draws the short straw when Apple releases a new OS version. APIs and portions of SDKs get deprecated, stuff just stops working. When the 32bit Appocalypse happened (Google it, very real) we lost a lot of good apps. I don’t think we have to worry about anything quite that drastic for a bit, but if apps aren’t maintained all those other changes Apple makes can very, very much break existing apps and then poof, gone.

I do hope they continue to support the app, even if just for critical fixes. I myself don’t use it any more, but from ~2017 through 2018 it’s all I was using, and there’s quite a bit of music I wrote on it. It was nice to be able to dip in and have good chats with younger folks who were eager (sometimes) to learn, and even though things got pretty out of hand sometimes it was all good fun overall.

I salute you @Auxy - you guys made a pretty killer app that brought a lot of people together, and still does. I’d agree keeping this place open doesn’t make sense, but I’m going to agree with @MrSerpent that it might be nice to have some kind of update or blog or something on your site. Henrik, you’re ex Propellerheads right? They nailed it with the blog, mini roadmaps and artist stories. Hell you don’t even need the latter… but even just a blog would be cool.

Unless the app is in strict maintenance mode. Then never mind. But anywho.

This went on a lot longer than I intended, haha, I guess there’s just a lot to say. To this day I’ll confess out of all apps I’ve tried on iOS, everything from “big boy” DAWs to little noise makers, Auxy is the fastest, most cohesive, complete package to bring an idea from zero to completion in a very quick way. I’ve yet to find something that beats it in this regard. So kudos, so long, and thanks for all the fish :slight_smile:



Thank goodness, my cringey posts from 4 years ago will finally disappear

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Don’t worry it all mind end up on lol

Hey so do you have discord? I have something I wanna talk you about

They should have added live recording via a scale-lockable on screen keyboard like literally every other iOS daw/groovebox years ago. Maybe more people would be into it then. Not everyone enjoys poking around, tediously plotting notes on a piano roll no matter how great the sounds are. You limit your audience severely right there. Some of us like to JAM. Medley will suffer the same fate.

If you like using samples and love clean simple interfaces, check out the wonderful Koala Sampler app. 5 dollars for more functionality than many pieces of expensive hardware. Has sold so well it doesn’t even need a subscription. Only 1 cheap IAP. Total non-subscription success story right there. And a thriving user community to boot. it has a piano roll AND live recording, wow what a concept.


Thanks for the recommendation, I didn’t realise that is the aspect I’m missing (I like jamming!)