The Final Showdown (Andrew Adams and Southborne)

Just finished up a collab with Southborne! Really like how it turned out, and feel free to give it a listen. :slightly_smiling_face:


Collabs happen fairly regularly here, but no-one really seems to talk about the process. I think that would be really interesting to hear about.

How long did it take from start to finish?

Did it start with a blank slate, or did one of you have the idea that you then developed together?
Or was there already a hook/theme or the core of a track, which was then developed by the other party?

Was it like remix tennis – with versions bouncing back and forth? How many rounds of changes were there?

(Btw, you should always make sure to tag it with a music genre. Without any music genre tags, it’s unlikely be included in SC’s automated share/promotion algorithms (‘Related Tracks’, ‘The Upload’, ‘Stations’). Using only #auxy might help promote it to others who use the #auxy tag, but ideally you want it reaching out as far as it can go.)


Hey there! Well every collab process isn’t the same, but for this one I started out with the build and then thought I’d have Southborne help me with the drop (cause I knew he’s super good with them). Then I added some stuff, and he added some stuff, and we were done! Took a few weeks.

I think collabs work the best when you both focus on your strengths. For example if you want somebody to add a cool piano part in your song then ask someone who’s good at piano, or if you have a good build but don’t quite know how to make the drop sound right, ask somebody who’s good at drops.

And thanks for the reminder—you’re right, I should use those tags more. To be honest I’ve only been on Auxy since the spring and I’m still trying to learn all the genres and stuff. :sweat_smile:


Oh my gawd (I’m swearing and stuff irl my excitement can’t be written here)
As a huge fan of you and Southborne I’m freaking out (in a good way)now :star_struck:
Dark piano melodies and heavy beats are absolutely flawless!!! What a masterpiece :trophy:

Haha thanks so much dude!! Your support really means a lot. :smiley:

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Cool. Thanks for that.

Who ‘owns’ the track at the end? All contributors equally?
What would happen if the track took off and started generating income?

Or is it all very organic and informal and not something that was discussed or considered?

I know they’re boring, pragmatic questions, but I’m interested in your thoughts. Thanks. :slight_smile:

(I broached a ‘producer’/co-production question a while back, but people misunderstood what I was talking about and it turned into a mess.)

Well I don’t think we really thought about that. :slightly_smiling_face: I suppose if it really took off, I’d ask Southborne what he wanted to do, and we’d figure something out together.

It’s a good song, y’all listen please

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