The End Of The Year Challenge

Any track that follows the rules below is valid.

It should be less than 60 seconds long, and it’s tempo should be 127 or more. It should be posted before December 25, 2019. I will choose the winner on December 31, 2019. The project should not have any more than 10 scenes. The genres that are not allowed are trap, pop, hip-hop, or any type of music that does not have the subcategory of electronic. Some genres that do not have the subcategory of electronic I will allow. For instance, I will allow bosa nova, jazz, synth tracks and a few more. You just have to ask me if I will allow it. Always remember to keep it short and safe.


  • It should follow all of the rules up above
  • Remixes and are allowed, but collaborations are not. Make sure that they follow the rules.
  • No SoundCloud links allowed, and only project files are allowed.
  • Do not put in a very few notes, or you are instantly disqualified.
  • Feel free to edit it before the deadline

There is no prize for this challenge, as it is just for fun. MY BAD THERE IS A PRIZE. and it is a MASSIVE prize. The winner will get nominated for the 2019 nominations.


If I did this, is there any chance I could dm you the project file? I just don’t want to risk the chance that someone would steal it (even though that’s probably not gonna happen)

Just send the project file, if I see somebody send the same one back, then they are instantly disqualified. In the rules, it says project files only, so no.

What about some Drum and Bass?

Yeah I get it, but I’m not worried about the people participating stealing it, I’d be worried for someone who isn’t active or doesn’t even have an account steal it.
(Again, I don’t think anyone would want to steal my stuff, but I don’t want to run the risk, same reason I only post demo project files on the works in progress page.)

Sure, because Drum and Bass is part of the electronic genre

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I know it is risky, chances are extremely low. I am sorry, but in order to participate, you have to send a project file.

For now, you can SoundCloud it. I will let this go due to your fear

:+1: epic


You say jazz and trap don’t’ Have sub genres?

No they have different sub genres

Here’s my submission
Entrance - InfrUltra
First Version
Second version - Changed key, added some layers.

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Anybody? I made a very big reward for this.