The Chat for all of the Not-Pros

Ok! Ok! We’re not all pros on Auxy. I’m not. That’s why I created this topic.

This chat is for the noobs/not-pros/beginners/people-who-know-what-they’re-doing-but-have-room-to-improve. I need help, others need help, and there’s no better way to get help by helping each other.

If you would like other people to see your tracks that need improvement so they can work on them too, post the links to download them on the AUXY STUDIO APP. Then people can remix, tweak, add, or delete parts of your track and send you the link to their version of it.

That way, everyone can learn from each other.

Unite! And have a nice day :grin:.


Alright alright. Now i wouldnt consider myself a pro, but i also wouldnt consider myself a beginner. I’ve been around auxy when the studio first came out. This little app…it can change people… you know how amazing that is? Pretty awesome right?! When i first made a complete song, i was so amazed at how i could do it. And you can too. So keep ona rockin!

5 Likes What do you guys think? I’m no pro at all but it’s my best attempt yet. Notice how some added trap sound packs could drastically improve its sound. EDITS WANTED AND WELCOME by anybody who thinks they can do better


I do the same thing. In fact, my newest song, Napalm (currently up for download on an other forum) is future house with a twist of trap and piano.

Great post! I’ve heard from the “pros” that they’re happy to give feedback and share tips on how to improve tracks as well.


You’ve actually got something really cool here. I really appreciate the use of the sweeper in the beginning, and the melodies and chords are really cool. My only suggestion is to be careful in how much noise you’re making. The drop is really cool, but because there’s so many instruments doing their own thing, and little-to-no gaps in the music, it can be a somewhat exhausting to listen to. Other than that, I think it’s really good.

Mind if I remix? I am a huge fan of the drop but I feel like the intro and the build up need a bit of work. I’m not saying this is bad as I do like this track a lot I just think it’s missing something.

Hi there! Could you please listen to some of my tracks and give me some feedback?

I listened to Regret. Some good ideas there, but I felt that the percussion and snares were a bit harsh sounding at times. Maybe just a bit too loud? Also at 1:26 or so when everything takes off it almost sounds like the low end is distorting a bit. Sometimes less is more when it comes to getting a nice full sound that remains punchy, and often just pushing 1 or 2dB louder is all it takes to go from “sweet” to “too much”.

Is this straight from Auxy, or did you do some additional processing/mastering afterwards? If it’s the later, I’d say maybe try it with a bit less compression/limiting. Might be a tiny bit quieter, but I think ultimately it will still be loud and not so squashed sounding.

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll look how I can get the track from ‘too much’ to ‘sweet’.
Oh, and the track is straight from Auxy.

If you’re still interested, I did some changes in the track. I fixed the 1:26-thing and I think I made it more ‘sweet’. It’d be nice if you want to listen to it again and give your opinion. Thanks!

I want to look at your track, but SoundCloud glitches on my browser. Is it possible that you could send me the share link so I can download it inside of the Auxy app?

That was great man! Keep it up.
This is my take on it. I deleted huge sections, but I improved the flow and changed some percussion and risers. I also added a new synth and changed the breakdown melody. Once I did that, I also changed it into a drop melody. Overall, I am happy with the result and I am sure you will be as well.

Wow, Artichoke’s piece needs some work? Damn, I should just quit making music lol

Of course!

Here’s a future bass track I made a while ago. It was on my SoundCloud but then my account got deleted which was a shame.


That track is AWESOME! Keep up the good work!
And thx for the share link too :smiley:

I’ve been mixing this for a while, trying to get the right sound. Please give me some feedback on what I could improve.

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