The block has struck hard

Tornait here

Ever since the update dropped I’ve been looking at all the old stuff, and now I just look at it and don’t know what to do with it. Same thing with making new stuff. I have made a grand total of six new projects the past week and a half and have not gotten anywhere past a chorus yet.

Also, I think focusing on a new brand set messed me up in the fact that now my musical side has basically stabbed itself in the stomach and is now comatose. In simpler terms, I’ve got another block.

I need help please

Edit: I really need help with song structure and stuff, because none of my songs really have proper structure. none of them.


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I make about 5 projects every month so I know how you feel.

Teach me the ways of song structure

Um… Add this here, then like some time later, add this boi here, and you’re done!


This doesn’t help mate.


6 (even half finished) projects in a little over 2 weeks is pretty good. Don’t worry about rushing your projects, maybe listen to some other artists for inspiration, and ideas should start flowing to you again.

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Whenever I don’t know what to do, I listen to other’s tracks. Leave aside producing for a while, and just listen to people. Think about what they did in their song and think about how you can use those techniques in your music.

I just recovered from a 1 month block as my track is uploading now. Just give it some time


Everybody says this to me and I’ve done it, but now I just feel content to listen to their music over and over again and not actually have anything meaningful done about it.

In fact, I’ve just been listening to my stuff over and over again, not actually having the drive to get something done.

SOmeone help me learn proper song structure so I can have at least a way to get myself out of this endless phase of doing nothing but repetitive choruses

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I will reiterate my point about listening to other people’s music. The best way to learn is by example, so find good examples of good song structure as you say, observe it actively, and try to replicate it.

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Bro I’m still recovering from a 6 month block :joy:


Don’t worry even I’m going into a bit of a block, running out of ideas and creative juice flowing through them veins

Whenever I hit a block, I move on to some other form of creativity. Example, last time I had a music block I wrote a novel. Try it. :smile:

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Coming from the person who releases every week :joy:

lol meanwhile i’ve been doodling around with the same 5 or 6 projects for about 2-3 months now. I should release them, but every time i go for a listen im like “yo i should change this” and i either do or just put it off till next time.
So i’m pretty much just sitting on a bunch of 80-90% done tracks and havent worked on them for a while
(but since the update, its been forcing me to work on them some more b/c no subscription = no drums so…)


I think the title to this thread is misleading…
Could you maybe change it to: “I’ve got tracks flying out of my backside!”?

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A tip for you my friend is to push urself to complete it! Be sure not to just keep replaying it and going “I don’t know what to do here”

You must stick to the songs flow and keep going with it!

If you want help with structuring here is a video of mine:

And here are some tips on music production and how to pursue in music production:

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Eh not anymore

Kinda stuck atm