The Aviatrix - MuscleCat [Electro, House, EDM]

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fun! may i suggest trying to cut down the length. it’s a bit repetitive.

Thank you! I seem to notice that other folks point out that some of my music’s repetitive but, from what I’ve experienced, isn’t that a characteristic of Electronic Dance Music (EDM)?

Repetition IS music. However, you should be thinking of interesting ways to vary the repetition – which might sound contradictory, but it’s key to producing a fun and interesting track.

You will have your hook in your chorus/verse, but then you should think of ways to elevate these repeating elements later. Will your drums change? Will you lead into the next with a siiick rise and drop? Will you add an instrument that will make it sound absolutely bonkers?

My advice is to play with automation more when you’re progressing through the song (pitch is my fave). If nothing suits, then just cut the length of the song so the repetition doesn’t overstay its welcome.


i Try to vary most of my tracks with different automation and have delved more into pitch then I have before, I finished a track this weekend and I’m gonna be polishing it up this week. It would be awesome to get your opinion on how well I have taken your advice when I release it.

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Cool, feel free to tag me.