「 The Auxy Collective 」 - Community Sourced Promotion

I agree with a lot of this. You shouldn’t stay inside the Auxy realm, as the people that will listen(presumably people on the forum that know about this account) is limited to ~ 120-ish people. That’s not exposure. That’s a bit more plays than you normally get from people who most likely already listen to you.

Like AKA is sugessting here, break outside the auxy bubble. Market your music on websites, email distributors, even contact YouTubers or other content creators and see if they’ll use your music in the background.
The repost system is not a participation trophy machine. You can’t say “hey I wrote a song, give me a repost” regardless of the quality. The repost system is a marketing system, so they should repost the tracks of outstanding quality(to display the app’s capabilities better), not just the track John Johnnson made and whined about not getting reposts on it for 5 days.


I’ll try to address some of the prominent points I see being raised here. Sorry for the length.

Functionally, the process works differently as it does not actually inherently do any exclusive releases. It instead reposts songs by people in the community. It is also branded as “The Auxy Collective” and instead of branding itself as an unrelated third party source for music, the goal is to play a role as a centralized place for promoting Auxy music.

There is of course natural bias for people to have their own tracks promoted. We are going to have moderation in place for the discord server (not to censor people, but to ensure that appropriate attention is being given to the suggested tracks).

That’s an excellent service they’re doing to their community, but unfortunately it is objectively a limitation as they are only two people and are not in touch with some of the outer reaches of the community. As said before, the goal of this is not to put down the hard work the developers do, but to help remove that two-person limitation by involving the entire community.

This is spot on and encompasses the goal of the initiative perfectly.

Very true. And that’s why there’s no problem with what they’re doing–they’re busy people! They can’t do everything at once through no fault of their own. I don’t think the problem is hate per se, just recognizing the inherent limitations that come with running a music spotlight account and developing an app full time. They don’t have time to listen to everything, but de facto the entire community has time to listen to… well… the entire community. So why not use that fact to help out those who aren’t heard usually? :slight_smile:


Very good point. JFalc answered this one pretty well, and there’s a lot going on behind the scenes to promote it to a vast number of community members.

Through sourcing this project to a lot of the community via. the connections I and other have on other platforms such as Discord etc. the project will gain enough publicity to get a strong foothold and gain credibility. The next step would be to have method of knowing about this collective through a platform that the entire Auxy community uses, such as the app feed.

Someone’s going to be left out no matter what you do. What you can do about it is make sure that that “someone” is as few people as possible. The way the reposting process works ensures that dozens of tracks will not be reposted at a time, therefore ensuring decent exposure time for the newest track.

You’re correct.

The initial group of people to target would be the Auxy community, as that is where a strong foothold could be gained. After that initial step has been taken and credibility has been established, bigger audiences such as those outside of the Auxy community are definitely in the program (for exposure, not necessarily curation).

Thanks for raising excellent points, and hopefully this clarifies at least a portion of them. :wink:


I think it’s more community based. The Auxy Reposts account is literally just reposting whoever DMs their tracks – not really a quality filter or a way to “showcase underground artists” which I believe is the idea for this project


If the track John Johnson made is good enough to get enough votes from the community to be reposted, then sure.


@akabillposters this entire post should earn a platinum medal this time, don’t you agree?

Anyway, after giving it some more thought, regardless of whether or not this idea works or not shouldn’t be relevant to considering doing it. Even if it were to fail, it’s better to try. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”


You know what I’d like… not that this is the best place to bring this up.
I’d just like to see all of the tracks in the Finished Tracks category in a mega playlist. But not enough that I’d actually do it myself. The tracks that get the most listens and likes will be obvious. Then if anyone wants to repost something they can to whatever repost account they want. That is all.


I don’t make music for reposts or plays. I make it for my own and hopefully other people’s enjoyment. Don’t lose focus on what music is all about guys! You’re better off posting less “good tracks” and concentrating on more “fantastic” and less frequent releases. Problem is the community produces a TON of music, hard to cut through the stew.

I see what y’all saying. My opinion is we all getting too caught up in reposts.


1 smile > 1000 reposts.


Something to keep in mind about very long, regularly updated playlists…

After a certain point, plays/clicks tend to tail off. Not because of the quality of the tracks further down the list, but because the majority of listeners gradually lose interest in listening to the playlist for that session. People become distracted by other things and non-playlist tracks - as well as the constant stream of new stuff appearing at the start of the playlist (assuming its ordered that way).

It boils down to how many listeners are paying attention while each new track is enjoying its moment at/near the top of the list.

As general audiences get larger, the number of listeners paying attention at any one time tends to even out, giving new tracks more of an equal chance. But, until that effect is minimised/eliminated, the popularity of any given track is subject to many factors, as much to do with luck as it is quality.

And, of course, greater popularity doesn’t always reflect greater quality.
The issue of popular genres and popular producers can easily skew outcomes.

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I agree with this. However, I personally think that this would go beyond simple reposts. In essence, it’s to help people get notice. It goes beyond a simple repost. Being noticed is what brings a smile to my face, and, as eloquently quoted above,

I hope that my feelings on this are clear. It’s currenty 2 am for me and i can’t sleep.


tl;dr this thread because… wow…
so sorry if someone else has said this but…
my opinion on this is that if these people / person want to create this, they can. there is nothing wrong, nothing is stopping them and if it will make people happy because they want that attention and those reposts then that is good. it doesnt need to be so “official” and it might not be different from all the others but if whoever wants to do this then nothing is or should stop them and they should do whatever they want.


I don’t think anyone was attempting to discourage them from doing it, per se.
Just outlining a few things they need to consider (and act upon) if they want to achieve more than previous attempts have – which they claim they do.


Ha! I like that. Is that a Tasmanian expression?

Good points. forget then the exposure aspect.

I’d just like to be able to click play on a playlist and listen to everything - good or bad. wish there was a way to automate that. I’d skip though anything I don’t like and heart the ones I do. Probably others would like that too.

You’re right. And we value the feedback and insights raised by others so that we can incorporate them into what we do in the future to make the project more successful.


Quick update for those not in the Discord:

I’ve worked out a partnership with someone to help broaden the listening audience to a bunch of his connections, and I’m working with a label called “Dreamscape” to direct some of their audience to the collective as well.

For future updates, I suggest joining the Discord if you haven’t already, as that’s where I’ll post the majority of the changes / news / progress.

I’d also recommend following the official SoundCloud account if you haven’t already to be kept up to date with the featured music.

Both links can be found in the original post to this thread. :+1:

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Great news! Can’t wait to see how it continues in the future

Very well said. I think this idea wouldn’t hurt anybody, but I think there is a very small chance it will become anything big. How many other “Auxy repost” accounts have failed or shut down again? I don’t see how this will be different

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Another good idea. So far, Auxy music really hasn’t branched out of SoundCloud. Sure, there are users who post music on Spotify, YouTube, etc. but none of them have really gained any traction. I think a YouTube account like trap nation or something would be the best way to go here. You could still do SoundCloud too, just have YouTube. I know I would sub to that


+ @Arimyth

Imo, the key will be thinking beyond ‘Auxy music’.
No-one outside the Auxy userbase knows (or cares) about ‘Auxy music’ (and rightly so).

I think there’s an opportunity to focus on ‘mobile music’, bringing together and promoting music made exclusively or primarily on mobile devices - smartphones, tablets, but also maybe hardware-based ‘mobile musicians’.

Be app-agnostic (app-gnostic? :wink:
Include Auxy, but include Medly, Groovebox, Nois, Beatmaker, Audiobus-based apps, etc…

I think that’s a much more interesting and timely story than something limited just to Auxy’s small interest group.

Build a site, a blog, a community and social promotion channels around that topic. :+1: :+1:

(Tbh, I’d likely join a community like that.)