「 The Auxy Collective 」 - Community Sourced Promotion

honestly there’s so many “auxy” collectives out there that are open to everyone and they’re almost all chaotic and unorganized… what’ll this one have that will prevent the unofficialness that auxy collectives generally have


Even if it’s a bit unorganized, it could be a great method to help us bond as a community.


As far as I know, there’s only two really well-known repost accounts aside of the official Auxy SC for the Auxy community. Indir3ct’s Auxy Reposts and now this one. Any others have fallen off over time and aren’t active anymore.

As for other collectives, the only ones that have gotten off the ground have been Frontier, Melo and previously eXodusChambers which is now remodeled and no longer really about the Auxy community. Both Melo and Frontier don’t release Auxy exclusive music either, as they both have songs done outside of Auxy. They just happen to feature auxy artists.

As for the question of unofficialness, it doesn’t really matter if it’s unofficial or not in a way. Rather, that people are willing to contribute and help it grow is what will set this one apart hopefully, as the goal is to help strengthen the community. If it strays away from this, I probably won’t be supportive of it. But I have good faith that its goal is to help improve the community.


People just seem to have a growing hate for the actual Auxy account. It’s hard to find every little track, and if they mess up a few times, people think it’s corrupt. “Reposting select tracks from the auxy community”. That’s the bio. Not “Reposting every single good track from the community”. Their job is not to find every track that’s good that they can. The repost account is a minor side project. It isn’t corrupt, it’s selective to stuff they have time to listen to. People can create new repost accounts all they want, but if they condemn auxy for not posting some small tracks, (regardless of their quality), they’re not seeing the big picture. The devs are not a repost team, they’re an app developing team.


People seem to forget this part

Which is probably why it’s a good thing to have a “3rd Party” promotion channel like this for Auxy songs because the current system is kinda like expecting Ableton to promote your tracks cos that’s the DAW you use. That way, the devs can put even more focus on improving the app instead of reposting and Auxy artists still have a place to promote their music.


The purpose of this collective wasn’t to hate them for it, but to help them with it :wink:

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That’s not their intent; it’s not “help”, it’s your solution. Having another collective isn’t going to get people much attention at all. How do the owners of this expect to get attention?

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And this is exactly why I feel something like this is a good thing.

Only time will tell if it works or not, there’s no reason to bash it repeatedly to the ground before it’s even started rolling. If it doesn’t work, no harm nor foul.


By having it be open for the community for people to join, discuss, help each other out, etc.

As I’ve said, there’s really only two SC accounts aside from the official one for reposts within the community. All the other labels/collectives aren’t exclusive for Auxy music either.


It’s a good question. At some point, you’re all cannibalising each others audiences.

And building an audience is the only first thing that matters.
Without a worthwhile audience, none of it matters.


Just saying; Which tracks should Auxy repost? (Don’t recommend your own releases/collabs!)

Almost none of their reposted tracks are sourced by who you think. There’s even a forum topic dedicated to it already

The problem is that they’re still filtered through the same single person, Lenberg.
He is effectively the taste/time bottleneck.


I like the idea, but what activity will be undertaken to build that SC audience?
As mentioned above, it risks becoming a ‘me too’ channel, duplicating content and cannibalising the same, limited audience.

Anyone undertaking this needs to have a plan for how to build the audience, especially outside the Auxy bubble. While these things remain stuck within the bubble, none are going to get big enough to yield any real benefits, either for those running the channel or those promoted on it.

Effectively, it would be no better than the #AuxyRepost thread here – as it’s the same people submitting and listening.

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No matter what, someone’s going to get left out in some way. People are acting like this will solve all the “problems” the official account has. But it’s either going to end up not getting any attention or becoming crowded to the point where it relates 100s of tracks, burying most of them in the process (which is kinda ironic), or it ends up discluding people to avoid the first two or to maintain quality. I don’t see any way around that, and it’s not going to end up so well.

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And that’s where I think they fall down.
They really should be more active with it, because marketing is a thing.

I think the problem is that the ‘dev’ team, which includes the business owner, isn’t seeing the big picture – that they’re going to continue to struggle until they find a way to start doing some proper marketing activity.

Similarly, if they were more active in supporting the community output, then everyone stands to benefit, including themselves.

They’re effectively got a massive stream of content which they could use for promoting the app. But, they’re just not interested.



They’re also a management team. And a marketing team. And a sales team.

When the team is that small, they need to be all those things – putting their time and effort into all the activities that a business needs to succeed.

You can make the most fantastic product in the world, but it needs to be backed up with good, effective promotion/marketing. Otherwise, it’ll just wither on the vine.


Re: ‘help’

I’ve suggested to Lenberg, multiple times, that he entrust one or two forum veterans* as A&R for the reposts and either give them direct access to the Auxy SC channel, or for them to be the filters, so that anything they approve gets reposted.

But, so far, he seems uninterested in anything like that.

* Obvious candidates would be the mods here.


My concern with this would be there’s potential bias towards their own tracks too.

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Such a bias would quickly become obvious, I’d think.
We’ve not seen any bias in their moderation here, towards their own opinions or ‘preferred members’.

(If anything, knowing’ those in question, I suspect there’d be a slight anti-bias towards reposting their own stuff, because of how much it would look like self-interest.)


There is a very simple way around it, and I’m sure it’s already a feature of the collective:

  • A track would need x amount of votes to be accepted (and as the collective grows, x grows)
  • Someone can’t be reposted by the collective more than x times [a month/bimonthly/semiannually/etc.]

maybe once they reach that limit they can choose to have one of their songs taken down from the repost channel and the new one put up

There’s only three of us, and I don’t really any of us would be inclined to do this. I personally am trying to reach out to various, alternate audiences for feedback and shares, so an Auxy repost is personally not in my best interest. In the event that I did want to share my track via their account, that would be up to the others. Consultation and open communication isn’t complicated.


Besides, the developers probably still want to be able to choose how to represent their own company themselves.

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Why SC? Why not YouTube? (Or both?)

Work out some kind of branded boilerplate imagery, a custom typography template, maybe an audio animation overlay (à la Trap Nation et al), and have at it.

It’s got a better recommendation engine, so may well improve chances of developing reach beyond the Auxy bubble.