「 The Auxy Collective 」 - Community Sourced Promotion

I’d like to premise the following with the fact that I and many others have come across a lot of very talented but under recognized Auxy producers. Often times they’re just newer to the scene and have not been able to establish themselves as much, or they are simply not as good as promoting their tracks as others.

The goal of this project is to create a system that is fully controllable by every member of the community and that grants a centralized and organized manner to suggest and promote tracks from artists in our ever growing community. With that said…

The Auxy Collective

A community sourced collective for sharing and perpetuating music that is appreciated by the community, but not necessarily as well known.

How does it work?

The collective consists of an official collective discord community as well as a community run SoundCloud account. Anybody can suggest tracks and vote on them in dedicated channels, and with enough votes, the track will be reposted to the community SoundCloud for others to view.

What is the point of this?

As I’m sure you all know, Auxy runs an official SoundCloud account where they repost select tracks from the Auxy community. This is an excellent way of sharing high quality music with the community, however the means that the Auxy team can become aware of high quality tracks are limited as the tracks are sourced by only a few people. This project aims to remove that limitation by using the same concept of a centralized and globally known collective for promoted music, but with the source for the music being the entire community.

How do I join?

You can join our Discord server here (https://discord.gg/KWbvaSE).

You can also follow our SoundCloud account here (https://soundcloud.com/auxycollective).

Feel free to ask questions. The end goal is that together, we can increase visibility for some of those lesser known but still extremely talented artists. :slightly_smiling_face:


Seems interesting, I’m glad you’re doing this!


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This is the exact problems I’ve brought up as well as many, many other people. However, since there’s seemingly no interest in revisions to that system, this will be a smart solution. Hopefully, change can take place.

So this is for promoting tracks, like the auxy reposts then? It’s not a label or something then right?
if so then kewl

This is a nice idea :stuck_out_tongue:

I get the idea, but I feel like this community already has like 100+ of these “labels” and collectives that some of which are for the exact same point as this. What’s different about this one?


This one is for promotion and not exclusive releases

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Sure, but someone already made an “Auxy reposts” account for this kind of thing. How are these going to gain traction if the amount of these labels and collectives are growing every day?

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Just saying; Which tracks should Auxy repost? (Don't recommend your own releases/collabs!)

Almost none of their reposted tracks are sourced by who you think. There’s even a forum topic dedicated to it already.

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This collective is unique in the fact that everyone inside the server can decide which track goes up on the SoundCloud, whereas in most servers there’s an exclusive group that listens to the submissions and reviews them.

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Sounds chaotic. Everyone on there is going to want to put up their own stuff! There’s going to have to be some form of moderation. There’s still going to be disclusion then.


Whos the exclusive group reviewing and listening to features


You mean in the regular collectives?

Yeah (whoops forgot to do the reply thing)

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Basically there’s a place where people can submit there songs, and then the group of people who started the collective have a nice little chat about it and maybe give feedback on the track. Then they decide whether or not it’ll be accepted by the collective, which depends on several factors (i.e. accordance to the genre that the collective is focusing on).

At least that’s how the collectives I’ve been in work. :upside_down_face:

The thing with the Auxy community is that anyone can listen to the tracks and place a vote on them, which I think is really neat.

Out of that entire thread, only two of the songs directly mentioned were actually reposted (One of Stereofield’s and another song)

And i don’t really think it’s about how the songs are being sourced. Lenberg himself said that people recommend songs from time to time, and people have mentioned recommending them to him as well. There’s nothing wrong with that either. It just means exactly what Arimyth said, that some people are contributing to the sourcing of songs that get found on occasion.


Nice idea! I run the Auxy Reposts page, if you would like to partner up, I would love to help out :slight_smile:


There’s no “limitation” to the quality and variety of tracks they can find; they go and find almost all of it on their own. Their reposts aren’t remotely limited to what people send to them.


Never said that either. I’m sorry if I was a bit vague in my wording.

As a whole, I genuinely feel like this is a great way to strengthen the community. Having a better source that could help build up members of the community that have yet to be discovered could help improve their music. Having a sense that people actually appreciate your music beyond just listening to it is a very good feeling. It reminds me of the first time someone (just a random user even) reposted one of my songs. It was really nice, and I want others to be able to feel the same way. Doesn’t matter if they’re obscure or famous, if they produce well and are trying their hardest they deserve recognition in my eyes.

Sorry for any confusion, if you want to discuss it a bit more I’m all ears c: I just feel like this is a great thing that shouldn’t be discouraged.


You weren’t. (I wasn’t responding to you that time)