The 10-Year Slump - AKA/SND [Dark, wonky, lo-fi electronic beats]

Been sitting on this for a while.
A direction I’ll be exploring more…

…dark, wonky, lo-fi electronic beats.

AKA/SND - The 10-Year Slump (Sketch 31)

Thoughts and feedback welcome.



I didn’t have time to listen to whole thing but loved it. Very dark, I’ll revisit it later if ic an

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Woah woah…I’m really digging the part that starts at 4:16! I feel like its from some retro game! Also around 5:01 that coin (I think) loop is awesome!
P.S. What did you use for the bass in the song?

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Awesome, first off, these sounds are being beaten INTO SUBMISSION. They aren’t recognizable which is awesome. I’m getting feelings of Royksopp, a little slower paced Aphex Twin/Squarepusher, Boards of Canada etc. It’s great.

VERY much dig this sound. I have no complaints about the overall mix or structure :slight_smile:

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Haha I misread that as “dank, wonky, lo-fi”.
Will listen when I have time.

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It is indeed Coin, with a bit of pushing and pulling, and messed up through some intentionally rough automation.

I’m gonna hold on to the bass recipe for a little while longer :wink:


Indeed. I’m enjoying working at this end of things.
A rich vein of dark material that no-one else is really exploring (here).


Royksopp… Aphex Twin/Squarepusher, Boards of Canada

I’ll take it as a huge compliment that the track brings those to mind.
(Aphex, Squarepusher and BoC are the closest thing a heathen like me has to a Holy Trinity. :wink:

…but you can mostly blame/thank Lorn. Can’t believe I only stumbled on him recently.
Filthy sounds. Inspiring AF sound design.

Still trying to fuse various interests and influences – and distill my voice (or voices).

I’m also thinking about video as well now. (Thinking YT might be a more fruitful platform for discovery and reach.)


‘Dank, wonk, lo-fi’ would work too. :slight_smile:

Lucky you didn’t misread ‘wonky’ :wink:


Btw, quick question to @iammane or anyone who follows me on SC…

I had this track on SC but private for a while, but put it public today. (Shortly before I posted this thread.)

I’ve no idea if it comes up in your stream as a new post/release from me – or whether it appears back at the original timestamp.

Could someone who follows me confirm if it appeared in your feed and, if so, when?

Many thanks.

SC app not behaving at moment, on the train home and trying to load.

Gonna keep checking and just edit this when it comes up last update was six hours ago :frowning:

EDIT - This is bizarre. I know it’s not my connection cause disco loads. I tried SC app and site, it just doesn’t seem to be updating the feed. Even WEIRDER is if I go to your profile directly, I don’t see the track at all. Say whaaaaaaaa :face_with_monocle:

So. I’m not sure lol… testing is inconclusive

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Thanks. No rush. :slight_smile:

Dig this track my dude…very different from what most are posting on disco. Love the experimentation with the sounds (pushing the envelope or “beating into submission” as @iammane stated :joy: ) …and getting them to work together in a coherent track. Have you been listening to Vangelis (circa 1988) lately? Definitely has that feel for me. But I can also see the Aphex Twin comparison.

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@akabillposters Checked my feed and it did not show up as a new track (didn’t show at all). In fact, looking at the Tracks listing on your SC profile, which I believe is chronological activity (ie, uploads and re-posts in the order they occurred) this track shows up down below some of your more recent activity (right below your re-post of my song which was sometime in early December - thanks BTW :wink:). So perhaps, if uploaded as private and you want it to show up in the feed, maybe remove it first, then re-upload it to SC as a new track? Only problem is that you would lose any comments, likes, plays, etc for the private upload - if that matters to you.


Thanks. It’s as I suspected.
Good to know.
You’re right about needing to remove and repost it if you want a previously private track to appear fresh in Followers’ feeds.

I typically use private for my own convenience and rarely announce/share a private track - though it can be a good option for discreetly gathering feedback on very early pieces (although I quite like putting up my ‘sketches’ too [would be cool if more people did that, imo]).

I’ll use ‘private’ more cautiously from now on.

Thanks for checking. :+1:

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Vangelis was never really my bag, though I like his work for the original Blade Runner, of course.
That said, I don’t think I’ve ever given his stuff a proper listen. I’ll take your comment as a nudge. :wink:

And, of course, thanks for the comments about the track. :+1:

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It’s a different kinda song. From the stuff I’ve heard. Very dark and slow. It’s very unique. Keep it up buddy

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Thanks. I will, for sure.

Getting to the point now where I’ve got (what I think are) several reasonably strong* pieces in several genres, so I might start splitting it off into separate identities.


Nod out to @Thrashie. Fellow traveller on the down and dark pathway – and a bit of a sound explorer too. :wink:

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This is really cool! Do you think you could give some advice on how to write lo-fi? I’m trying to write a bit myself for something.

I saw somebody use the wink emoji on another site and, in all seriousness, I thought they were you for a second. :stuck_out_tongue:

Had some comments about the drums ruining the experience of the track.

As I mentioned in my reply…

I wanted a simple pattern, low, a little bit aggressive, just a hint of hip-hop vibe, with a slightly dirty/raw production.

I wanted to marry the low, raw, wonky yet aggressive synth with a simple beat that felt a little dirty with a slight, lazy, but heavy hip-hop feel.

I think I got pretty close to that in Auxy and feel quite happy with the drums.
(Sure, I could add more variety, and that’s a valid observation across all the drums in my stuff.)

Would be great to hear any feedback specifically about the beats and how well you feel they work with the rest?

What would you change?

(Of course, I’m not necessarily going to change anything – though I might. I’d just like to know what others feel is right/wrong with the drums.)