Thames - NotMiles :notmiles:



I love how chill and spoopy this sounds. It just sounds like a track that would play in a video game when you’re exploring an underground cave. The arpeggios remind me of the cave theme in the original Yoshi’s Island for the SNES. Really great job with the track!

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Thanks man!

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@Plhector’s got the same mentality as mine; this is definitely an underground cave track. Very reminiscent of old 8-bit tracks!

Very nice!


You mind if I put this on my lazy day playlist?

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Go for it

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Thank you!

Already did!

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This is incredible, and definitely have to agree with everyone above: I’m caving it up right now. Great work, dude!


Ay, thanks a lot man!

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Is the Bass the loop from your custom sounds?

Other way around

Ok… What do you mean by that?..


The bass from Thames existed before the sound pack thingie did

Oooooooh… Should have said earlier…