Terminology - Tropical Original

Come and go… I’ve been so inactive. Anyways here’s my new track! Sounds very nice if you take more listens to it. I don’t know… :unamused:.

I have more tracks waiting but I’m fixing them up to make them sound better. Since this new update I’m all confused and stuff. I’m also trying to buy the premium. I want to check out that new stuff!

Anyways here’s the track!

Terminology -Tropical Original

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I just love it man perfect job!

Although i think it deserves a better cover art heres one i made for you i think it really fits the song :

Also what sound did you use for the main chords?


lol it was hour

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Thank you for the artwork! Also I used Hour as my main. I just turned the reverb and tone up to make that nice slow sound.

Yep you got it right! Haha.