Tempo changes and time signatures


The tempo is already present in a MIDI file. No extra work required.


Furthermore, and the point I was getting at, is that MIDI has no notion of measure.

The following examples all sound the same, and are represented the same in a MIDI file:

The only difference is how they are interpreted and displayed.

The Core Midi framework handles most of this for you…
Which is why I’m confused about why an ‘extensive rewrite’ would be necessary?


I just realized you were talking about time signatures and not tempo :man_facepalming:

In defense of the devs, sometimes code just “wont do the thing”, but i do agree that it doesn’t sound that ridiculous of a challenge. Maybe not options for ALL the time signatures, but having options such as 4/4, 3/4, and 6/8 would be good enough for 99% of producers. exception is t+paz who can and will go from 4/4 to 7/4 then back to 4/4


7/8 is fun


Don’t forget 7/4, 5/4, 5/8, and 17/16.


From what I can gather from Auxy’s behavior and Lenberg’s own statements, I do not think they are using pure MIDI signals for their engine.