Tempo changes and time signatures


I’ve gotten into a lot of film scores as of late and changing tempo and time signatures are becoming bigger demands for me. I know a lot of users have requested these features in the past. Any chance these are things you have been working on for the near future? Or are these still lower down on the priority list?

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Great for you that you’re developing down this path!

For Auxy in general, this is still pretty much an edge case and thus we won’t prioritize it in the short term.


Just wondering, how hard is it to add new features into Auxy? I’m assuming you guys are using Swift, but I don’t know jack squat about it.


Still quite unfortunate that this is still seen as an edge case.

Honestly, something that could be doable would be to set tempo by scene, no automation and stuff. I’ve had that idea for quite a while now and it would solve a whole lot of problems in many aspects. Theoretically, you could also set song key by scene, which would be a big help as well.


That’s the problem right now, I have an idea of a song, but then up losing that idea because different time signatures, and tempo automation isn’t available.


You can technically brute force a tempo change or a time signature change into a song if you’re smart enough about it. But it’s very limited and only works if it’s a “sensible” division like 2/3 of the tempo or 3/4. things like 7/8 would require different tempos entirely.

If you need a demonstration, I’ve done a song with one of these brute force tempo changes. And no this isn’t intended as promo, the song really is more of a rough draft than anything else xD


@Otzsil was this the technique you used in Stratosphere for the timing?

I’ve spent some time looking around the demo and it looks like it’s using 3/4 time



Here’s one method of brute forcing it


I used 6/8 in my track Losing Sleep by cutting down to six bar scenes and using triplets as quarter notes


I definitely would not consider something so basic as tine signatures as an ‘edge case’ - pretty much every DAW caters for this. I love Auxy but just imagine the possibilities you would open up by something presumably relatively simple to dev.


The possibilities would be waltz and fusion, no?


When I said edge case I was specifically referring to tempo changes. Various time signatures is obviously a common feature (request) but unfortunately it would require a pretty extensive rewrite of our engine, which is why we’re not prioritizing it. As mentioned, it’s fairly straightforward to to 3/4 with triplets if that’s what you’re looking for. So in practice we’ve got a lot of time signature bases covered already.


Just don’t get why you’d limit time sig to 4/4. I’m itching to do a song in 5/4!


To be quite blunt, I don’t see how even that is an edge case to be honest. Why do you believe that it is? I’m genuinely curious as to what leads you to believe that such a powerful feature is considered an edge case.

Even being able to set tempo by scene would be a huge advantage over other programs, and wouldn’t necessarily interfere with the workflow for most users by introducing new and/or “confusing” power-user options.

Slight rant, disregard if you aren't a programmer

Any program, regardless of whether or not it is an audio engine, should be written in such a way that it can be universally applicable in another application. Something that can be easily modifiable that wouldn’t break with a few parameter changes. Hard-coding constraints, like always having it be a 4/4 time signature, is often considered bad practice, and I’m sure you’re seeing why that is.


The most interesting thing would probably be a tempo automation because why not.


cool, but not sure how that would be implemented. You’d need like some kind of “master” automation channel or something.


Which is why I’d gladly take setting tempo by scene as opposed to introducing more things like this. Although to be honest I’d much rather have full automation control over it as it would be a multitude of times smoother.


Yeah. This is how most other apps and DAWs I’ve seen do it. Which is cool, it’s just another channel. Maybe pack it in with those pocket operator style performance FX I’m dying for :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you not using Core Midi under the hood?

I can’t wrap my head around how this would require an extensive rewrite…
Seems like it should only need some changes to how the UI is displayed?


Well then they’d have to add whatever tracks tempo to every scene you make, which would prob eat up some additional processing power, even if you dont change tempo at all. Like every scene’s tempo would have to be a new variable or something and if you have a lot of scenes, that’s going to be a lot of processing time.
Again just a guess, but how u set tempo currently probably just “standardizes” everything so it’s less of a process for your phone to run.

also, coding is never just a few tweaks. I can speak from experience on that one.