Techno Template

Hey world of auxy, long time no see! You guys are probably wondering what the hell happened to me? Well… nothing :smile: i am just busy working on music with my new setup in fl studio. I have actually posted a couple things on private on Soundcloud since ive been gone as WIP’s. However since im using a new DAW (Fl studio) i am not going to be posting anything fully until ive mastered how to make tracks in this DAW. Anyway, so ive been working primarily on hardstyle/trance sorta tracks but recently experimented with Techno, and i am currently working on a techno track in FL, but i thought hey this might be a good opportunity to try help out my old pals at AUXY, so i made an auxy techno template for you guys to use freely :slight_smile:

Also if you’re interested check out the WIP from FL:

Ive been creating alot of my own sounds, mainly hardstyle kicks but also cool synths which i have an accumulating ‘sample pack’ of my own, i want to be as authentic as possible.

One last note since u guys havnt heard from me, i am currently stuck on names, so ive decided not to call myself anything 100% until ive finally mastered music in Fl Studio and figured out my sound. However here are some names ive had in mind:

“5 Elementz”
“Rythm Essenze”


Heyo- good to see ya.

I’ll let it slide, because you’ve also included something Auxy related, but if you have non-Auxy stuff to post (even a WIP) please post it here. Thanks!!

Sorry its been a while just thought id make it one topic since its a big update/showcase and thought itd be easier/less messy if i just done it in one. But yeah