[Tech House Collab] Nick Elle (aka Lecroix) - On Some

I just got an iPhone SE, so I’m back to using Auxy! For my first track back n Auxy, I’d like to make it a collab.

I created a little WIP (Work In Progress) of a Tech House track, and I’d like to know if anyone would be down.

Here’s the project file:

Ps. Nick Elle is my main Deep House and Tech House persona, while Lecroix is my EDM side project.

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Maybe ill do it because i am struggling on music this will help and change my thought in music

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Love the multi-alias thing going on.

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Haha. Thanks.

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Hey alright!! Glad to know I’m not the only person squinting at my iPhone SE while I’m working on this stuff lol.

Hey, you wanna have a laugh? If you have Gadget, give that a whirl on the tiny screen. Hooooooo boy…



Wow never tried to do a collab with myself haha
Seems fun.


I’m not you…

Oh, you’re talking about my two names?
No, it’s not a “collab with myself,” it’s just that I’m explaining why I’ve got two names.

Lol yeah that was just a lame joke

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