–––TC64 – 𝔭 𝔬 𝔴 𝔢 𝔯 • 𝔱 𝔯 𝔦 𝔭 ––– [Synthwave/Darksynth]

:zap: Power Trip (SoundCloud | Audius)

TC64 Halloween 2019 Special

This is my first standalone release outside of my Auxy Tournament entries since Ripple in May 2018, about a year and a half ago. With Power Trip, I reimagined how I use my entire Auxy sound palette in order to create the creepiest, heaviest song I’ve produced thus far, perfectly fitting for Halloween. 1980s synths are combined with modern, dubstep-inspired sounds to maintain a powerful, driving mood throughout the entire song, both in its slower and more uplifting, faster-paced sections.


LIKED. LOVED. REPOSTED. This track is incredible. I can tell you put a ton of work into it, and the attentiveness to detail is absolutely not lost on me. Amazing work!

You are a blasted showoff and I’m going to go cry in my pillow now

What I’m trying to say is good job, really liked the track


I love the Halloween vibes