Taking Logo Requests

Hey! Really great that you are doing this. I have been trying to find someone who makes Logos for a while now. I would like something black and white or black and orange. Always wanted some evil looking eyes or smthing.

Couldn’t have been looking that long, there’s plenty of logo designers on these forums, lol.

seriously? This is the first one I found

Yeah there’s a bunch, of youbjust started a thread and asked that question you would have at least 4 people knocking on your door

no, i think i can work with just my memory, im going to change it

Yeah, but there are 2 other threads about this that i saw in 5 mins.


Its not an original idea, i just like making logos

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Sure! I’m working on a couple right now so it might take a while, but ill try to to it as fast as i can.

Ok thank you!

Sure i think i could use something new, especially for my SC/YT banners, if you’re down for it.

I would prefer a more space type of logo/banner. So some green, black, light blue, or something along those lines (sorta some of the colors of my current logo) U obviously don’t need every single color ever tho lol.
kinda a weird one, but i would also prefer either things that are very vast, landscape type stuff, or mirrored stuff, or both

(example of something i tried once then scrapped lol)

I think that’s about all i feel l want.

have fun and take your time, i still got plenty of it lol

i think i can do it, i’ll try my best

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Wait a sec
I think i’ve used the thing you used to make you logo before…
was it a site?

i have two logos but the second hasn’t been made yet XD

no, I use the program Medibang Paint Pro to make all of my logos.
what was the site?

Wait crap wrong person
Meant to reply this to @El1011
Your logo is cool though

lol i think @Indigoo was talking to me m8

But yeah, i used a site called weave silk or something a bunch of years ago and made like a dozen of those, but i really liked this one in particular for some reason, so i kept it

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oh ok sorry

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Ok yeah i’ve made some stuff on that too. That’s cool!

Ok! here you go! https://www.dropbox.com/s/g1g4m7vc1jzsi1v/Xiejra.zip?dl=0

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damn it says I need to open it on a computer and mine is broken atm. any other way you can get them to me?

Ok, here they are just click save image as