Tags - A Rearrange Option?

(Not sure if this has been said before so don’t hate me if it is)

The whole ‘Tag’ system as it stands now works pretty well.

If you didn’t know, by swiping right on a project in your list, you can add a tag to that song. I like how you are able to do this and then when clicking ‘sort by’ you’re able to only see those projects. However, once you see the projects with said tag, there’s no way to rearrange them within this view.

What I’m suggesting is we could maybe implement a system where you swipe left on the project to reveal a ‘Move’ or ‘Rearrange’ option. This would then allow you to drag it where you want in the list and then perhaps a ‘Done’ button somewhere would finalise the changes you made.

This would be very useful when organising your songs, especially if you were making say… an album or ep where you need to see the projects in the preferred order.

Yes, if you add the tags in the correct order originally you wouldn’t have this issue but… hindsight being what it is, more often then not I’ll realise I want the projects in a different order when it’s too late.

Let me know if you agree/disagree or if you have a different suggestion :slight_smile:

This is probably a very minor change but I feel like it would be pretty beneficial.


I’ve personally never used the tagging system, there’s never been enough projects in my app for it to be meaningful. But, how many tags can you add to a project, and then can you search on more than one at once? So like… you have a tag called “trap”, and then also a tag for album “trapishalbum” - - if there are songs in the album that are also “futurebass” can you sort out only the “trap” tagged ones on “trapishalbum”?

Multiple tag sorting would be useful, tl;dr, if it doesn’t already do that…


You can have more than one tag on a project but you can only view one tag at a time in sort view unfortunately.
I totally agree with what you’re suggesting.

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That’s a good idea. I definitely think it would be a nice feature for a future update.

The one thing we do need is the ability to rename them though…

Rename the projects? Once you’re in the project you can click on the name at the top to change it. Or is that not what you meant?

I meant renaming the tags. I’ve renamed projects countless times, but I haven’t been able to rename tags. If there’s a way besides making a new one and transferring over all the projects, I’d love to know!

Oh that makes more sense xD
As far as I’m aware you can’t rename them, definitely would be helpful though.