T3CH [Ambient House Collab?]

Hey guys! I seem to be posting on here more and more often. I have got a number of unfinished projects that I need help on adding a drop(not a hard drop). The kind of drop and build up that I am talking about is similar to what ERIC PRYDZ does. He slowly builds up the song but it doesn’t drag on and on and when he does drop the beat, its got somewhat of a heavy/ melodic sound to it… Not sure if I am explaining it that well but a lot of my projects have almost the same sounds that he uses. I am open to Collabs and what not, just DON’T steal my project(s).

You can PM me if you are interested, I will say that my soundcloud is not updated at all due to the fact that some of my sounds have been stolen in the past. You can look me up on Instagram if you are genuinely interested in getting in touch with me. @hharkins17 or @__t3ch

I’d be willing to try something out with you if you’d like. Sounds interesting.

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Pm me

Oh dude I’m sorry. I had a really busy weekend, so I forgot to pm you. I’ll check it out. Apologies.

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Sounds cool! I’ll work on it a little bit if that’s ok.
If you just want to Collab with me, you might want to take the link down.

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No worries man, sounds good!

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A drop doesn’t necessarily have to be heavy. A drop is just a word for the “main verse” I guess. Depends on the genr s structure. There’s usually an intro, bridge, buildup, drop, break, bridge, build up, drop, outro

Any who, that type of house can be recognised as progressive House or electro house or sometimes melodic house, it all depends.

But yeah, it’s nit a bad thing to have a calm drop. I do it sometimes.

Could you help?

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Show us your project

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I’m working on it a little, ill pm you both when I’m stuck on ideas (it happens a lot).