Symptomatik Nostalgia - proJekt maJem... (Constructive Feedback requested =)))

Hey guys, I’ve been away dealing with funerals, christenings, weddings, and a bar mitzvah but I’m back with a track I made using the new Auxy sounds and I made the most of it so please give it a good listen and i think I did you guys proud of the awesome software you gave us thank you :pray:


Any feedback would be greatly welcomed by the way, thanks! =)

Sad to hear you’ve been going through some tough moments. That aside, my feedback is that some parts sound like it couls have some more put into it. With that, it sounds like certain sounds overpower the rest of the other instruments. Things to work on is probably just the volume mixing, either than that it’s an interesting song; random at some parts, but thats what gives it its uniqueness. 6/10

(This came across my eye in the forum because I saw part of my name on the track title :joy:)

Thanks for the feedback bro, i appreciate you took the time. I’ve only been producing for about a year so i welcome any tips. Could you do me a little favour and pls be more specific when you say put more into it- do u mean instrument wise or what bc im happy with the melodies and hooks,as well as fx for the most part but i do know that I couldve created bigger build ups and used more percussion. im too agree some parts overpower the rest and want to work on smoothing a couple of the transitions, as well as shortening it, which i think will take care of a few issues. so if i still missed what you felt needed to be worked on further,I would be much obliged if u could pls explain those areas with a little more specificity. thanks in advance!

lol re seeing part of your name haha i just realised what u meant

I really like it. Hints of early The Black Dog (aka Plaid, aka …, aka…).
Echos of modular synth sensibilities, too.
Unashamedly synthetic. :+1: :+1:

There’s a lot going on, with more overt melodies being blended and some of it more jumbled in together – but the whole thing feeling more textural.

Imo, would benefit from a little more sound design to shift things away from the stock Auxy sounds, especially Tonsil. I like how you’re using it, but it could possibly benefit from some layering – or, if when possible, being swapped out with a better vocal sound.
(That said, the Tonsil sound is quite retro, so actually kinda works with the slight Black Dog feel. Gives the track a bit of a retro IDM vibe, imo.)

I actually think it feels quite well balanced now, in terms of composition. (As said, echoes of early The Black Dog, and they’d often jump around in terms of the feel and density, but not have any over ‘peak’.)

You have two kicks layered up in parts, the kick that comes in at 3:26 feels a little too ‘flam’-my. Doesn’t fit the piece, imo.

(If you don’t know about The Black Dog, it’s worth checking out some of their albums. They’re considered one of the forefathers of UK IDM. Based on your piece, I think you might appreciate them.)

Bytes (1993)
Spanners (1995)
Temple of Transparent Balls (2007)

…and, for sure, check out their Plaid stuff, too. Fantastic stuff.

Btw, Liked and Reposted. :+1:

Certain parts like from 1:30 to 2:00 and 2:20 to 3:25 would have sounded better if you added more bass and drum patterns to complete the buildup towards the next part.