Swim? - Devoid of Joy (empty kit experiment)

Not super noisy like usual.
No instruments, just kits. Some chops, some shouts, and percussions and what not. Playing around I suppose.



You’re definately one of (if not the most) “out there” auxy producer for sure. Always dropping something interesting.


Thanx bud, I know I stick out like a sore thumb here :joy: But I appreciate anyone’s attempt to listen to my weird stuff. I just want to make something I’ve never heard before, it’s kind of selfish lol.


You always come through with some truly unique stuff, and I’m always stoked for your posts. Very nice, as always :slight_smile:

This thang thicccccc

I feel like I find more with each listen. This is truly a pleasure to listen to!

Thanks man, I’m not sure where I’m at right now but I’ve got a few tracks on the burner that are kind of similar to whatever the this track would be considered sound wise. I think I’m in absurd mode now. Probably better than the extreme noise stuff :joy:


Your creations are always incredibly visceral, no matter what kind of sound you’re doing with. I love the variety of your work!