Sweet Eel - industry city sleepers [Electronic alternative, WIP]

Little something I’ve been kicking around for a few days. Re-upped the sub so I’m back - sometimes it’s nice having nearly limitless possibilities with production, but, it’s also suffocating sometimes :slight_smile:


Thx Auxy for the crazy placeholder names. I’ve still got mixing work to do, need to sort out a ‘B’ part and would like to try to remove some samples in favor of programming (possibly the drum loop and bass, I think both are do-able).

Danke! I’ve never posted a WIP before, looking to kind of open up the process a bit.


Absolutely loving this, the drum work is great. Can’t wait to hear the final product.

Thanks man! It’s got a ways to go been only cooking about three days. Might try vocals, dunno. Definitely want to try to shed as many non-built in samples as possible.

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Sounds great IC. Love the way it builds without rushing until it reaches that lovely vocal.

Three ideas:

  1. Put something at the very start so it doesn’t start mid-flow.

  2. Could remove the last second of that vocal, at 1:31, when it restarts, then stops. Or else maybe repeat that brief vocal restart around 1:35.

  3. The end tail section goes darker at 1:40, which feels a bit anti-climatic after all that build-up of layers and then a drop. I assume that’s the B part that you’re still working on. Maybe consider making it sound lighter, so it’s not a downer. The rest of the track feels like there’s “hope” and it would be good to keep that feeling.

Overall, the track has an authentic quality, that I like.


Awesome thanks @MisterMaster :slight_smile: yeah that’s the B section (to B, or not to B?) Well, back to A? I’ve noticed a lot of what I write is ABABAB lol…

Gonna def check into the beginning and I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about with the vocal, would be very easy to fix with audio tracks but I have a plan with some wonk volume automation.

Hopefully will get back to work on this on Monday.

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