Superflow - Tejax [Dance]

Hey there. Hope everyone is doing great.
Just wanted to share my latest track with you which helped me to break my creative block within myself.
It is called Superflow. I hope you’d like it.


P.S. I am unable to define Genres. If someone can help that’d be great.

Are you from Texas?

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Man, I like that gritty feel to the song. Nice and aggressive, and that’s my style. Gets repetitive after a while. Piano is…eh. Doesn’t really fit in my opinion. Nice drop tho! Build up didn’t really seem there though. All in all, nice song!

Uniqueness: 8/10
Predictability: 5/10
Complexity: 8/10
Use of Instruments/Automation/Samples: 7/10
Feeling: 7/10

Overall: 35/50 Nice man! Keep it up

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logging in after a pretty long time…

I am from India… Tejaswi is my real name, Tejax just came out. Because in qwerty keyboard, x is beneath s.


Thanks man!!!