Super•Charged [Future Bass, Electronic, Collab?]

I’ve got a really nice track I made up, I have the build and everything set, I just need help on the drop. Anything you want to fix or make changes to is fine when Collabing. I accept new ideas, just don’t run off with my song :joy:. Leave a comment or DM me to Collab and I’ll DM you the project :wink::ok_hand:

This is why you never post stuff at night
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send me the auxy projects and ill see what i can do!!

Here’s an idea: maybe for the lead, make it one octave higher, and try to add some closed hi-hats to the drums, idk. Also, don’t forget to add some bass to the drop. Maybe I could help you if send me the project:) Let me know! :grinning:

And by the way, nice song!