Suggestions for signature logos

on the second one, maybe try switching the color of the letters to white or something to contrast the dark background

Okay, I will try it.

I tried my best to overlay it.

Kinda fixed it up a tad. What do you think about it?

I think you need to somehow make the text pop out more. The little lines above the “a”'s just disappear into the flames and it’s hard to see them. Additionally the bright white doesn’t clash well with the bright yellow of the flames either. It makes it harder to see.

(also i feel that what you’ve made is more cover art or banner art than a logo, but that’s just me)

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You’re right, it is. This one would work good on discord, though.

A logo typically depicts a brand or recognizable graphic to identify an individual or organization, which in my opinion this does not. Some people do opt for wordmarks but there isn’t really a unique component to your text that makes it pop or differentiates it from just a word overlaid on a background.

I’d either move away from the wordmark approach entirely (as it does get harder to see on smaller resolutions the longer the name) or find a more recognizable font to use and potentially add some of your own stylization to it.


listen to this guy, he has four unicorns


I couldn’t find a recent thread about sharing logos so i thought id post here instead of making another topic. This is my first attempt at making my own signature logo so i thought id share it here to get some feedback on it.

(And @Aadam sorry about posting my logo here, i just couldn’t find any other good thread to put it that wasn’t already a year old, but I thought this thread would make a great place for people to share their logos and get feedback on it, so if you want to keep this thread about just your logo, or if another recent thread like this already exists, let me know and i’ll delete this post.)


I think it’s better to have this be open for all because yes, the last threads about this are kind of old.

No point resurrecting something very old. And if there’s not a combined thread then everyone will raise their own = too much noise.

That said, @Aadam I 100% agree with @Arimyth

@Jax - love it. Not much else to say.


Sounds good!
And thanks!


whipped you up a super professional logo. that’ll be 10 dollars.



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Please keep this serious, it’s very easy for these types of threads to go off the rails. It will be closed if it goes sideways. Thanks!


I try…

It’s all good

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My suggestion is to avoid text altogether, likewise what Arimyth suggested


I guess…

Honestly I think you should go with something close to your pfp anyways. I like the idea of a Prohibition-era gangster skeleton. Could be simplified enough to still be unique.

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Okay. Sounds good!

Alright guys: If you want to know more, move to this topic: