Suggestions for my Track 'GENRES Pt. 2'?

Hi! :wave:t3:

So one of my most liked tracks, GENRES, is gonna have a part 2!

Do any of you have genre suggestions that I could incorporate into it?

So far I have lofi, synthwave and glitch hop.

I’m going to incorporate four more genres in there and the ones I most like I will use.

Ones that have already have been used are trap, moombahton, future bass, drum n bass, hard dance and dubstep.

So if you have any suggestions, then comment it up!
(They have to be able to be composed on Auxy, unless you wanna give me a challenge and suggest an orchestral genre :joy:)

…I suggest you do an orchestral genre of this song. :upside_down_face:

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Future bounce.

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Future House
Bass House
Progressive house
(there’s a lot of different kinds of house)

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Kawaii Bass.

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