Suggestion to Auxy

Music Slots - Auxy needs more musical slots! There are so many times I ran out of slot for big projects. Especially for producers that likes to layer sounds. I’d say at least 10 more slots would be great!

Drum kit effect - There should be an option of applying to all for drum kit effect instead of Drum samples being all linked to one effect. The effect such as “Delay” should be individual for all samples.

Copy and Paste - I cannot stress this enough! The copy and paste function is so glitchy. The notes should be automatically input to the system instead of us holding the copied loop and drag all the way to the right position inside the piano roll!

Bars for loop and track! - There should be a “3” bar or 1.5 bar , 2.5 bar. Etc… for all the loops and track. The standard bar setting hinders the flow of tracks. Us producers usually have to think of something to fill up the spacing whenever we are short 1 bar!

Reverb bug - For Drum kit reverb samples. The drum sample reverb only carry through to the next loop whenever the Drum kit itself is not used on the next loop. So for example I had Drum kit 1 with the sample clap I want to reverb and let the reverb soak through on to the next loop. I had to turn Drum kit 1 off on the next loop in order to let the sample clap effect to go through.

Search keywords- Searching keyword for projects. I have been using auxy for over 4 years now and it really hard to find your projects when you have over 50 projects in app. It’d be easier if there’s a search bar at the main menu instead of us scrolling for 20 mins!

Curve Automation- We need this! Auxy automation is sooooo fun to play around! Curve automation would be great to create more styles and sounds!

Different Modes - Auxy is really a great app for beginners or mobile producers. It’s a great app to create music without complexity and offers simple workflow! I strongly believe that there should be an option to choose for beginners and advanced producers. So at the same time the app isn’t limiting the advanced producers and overwhelming the beginners! Beginners get sounds and drums piano roll like the past versions of Auxy without interior effects. (Maybe this can help decreasing processing power for older devices) After the beginners are comfortable enough, they can move on to the option of advanced mode. This way Auxy can advertise to both advanced producers and beginners with different products without hurting the user base. ( Maybe advanced with more effects settings.) or ( Plugins: such as arpeggios? Auto Scale “Chords”? Endless possibilities.)

Bring back individual sound pack shops! Subscription is nice but getting permanent sound is sweeter. I’d rather spend money to get permanent sound than subscription. It was so cool when you guys worked with different artists like Jeremy Olander back then with sounds of their style! This can help to expand user base.Maybe try collabing with youtube producers or producer that has youtube! Such as “Kyle Beats (Rap Beats)” “Servida Music (Rap Beats) ” “ Jonas Aden (EDM)” “Jon Sine (EDM)”… They all have decent size fan base and all are super cool! This can really help the app to grow!


I see potential problems with this.

First of all, battery drain. The app now would now require more power to push all of the sounds.

Secondly, the limitations of CPU power. Especially on older devices, the app would require more processing power and would probably make older devices closer to a speed of a snail…


If thats the case they can try what Logic Pro did. Only play sounds that are in play while turning unused sounds off. I don’t know if it’d work the same on mobile. But for older devices maybe they can try using the “beginner” mode instead. If it’s implemented.

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I remember using Auxy on an old device and it would give a ‘High Load’ warning if the amount of active loops were overworking the device. I see no harm in allowing far more active loops but just add a warning that the device may eventually be unable to handle an amount.



i just think that it out would be so phenomenal to have live automations for drums. just like pitch, you can trigger the sample for which it be able to pan from left to right or vice versa.

yes we have 16 slots to fill in and manually adjust the panning each sample but would t be a lot easier if you have an automation for that?


Yeah… I agree. Drum panning is such pain. They should add in automations for drums! I sometimes have to sacrifice a few slots because of panning!

I agree!

And I really don’t like the new reverb at all!

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It’s exactly the same reverb though.


Really? It sounds way different than it used to, like it’s a lot louder and more intense.

I think he means it’s the same engine, just customizable now


So what do you think?