Suggestion: Search for a certain song

I’ve made a LOT of songs in the past year. Probably more than 80 at this point, excluding the joke tracks and discontinued tracks.

Sometimes, there’s a track I wanna update, revamp, or just take samples from. So I have to scroll all the way down my list of 80+ tracks to find the right one.

Most of the time, I’ll scroll past it and make it to the bottom of the list before having to scroll back up to find it. This process is pretty annoying and I would suggest a simple fix to it: Search up your tracks.

All you have to do enter keywords into the search bar and it’ll show all the tracks with that keyword. Maybe there could also be some form of instrument search where you can search for tracks with certain instruments, but that would rarely be used so probably not.

We already have a search bar for instruments, but I honestly think a song search was way more overdue than the instrument search. It would be really nice to be able to search up songs instead of scrolling through all the tracks to find the right one. It would make things a lot easier and more convenient for Auxy creators.


This times 1000 :point_up_2:
Indeed, loooOOOoong overdue.

As an interim workaround…

  1. Go to Import (opens the iOS Files UI)
  2. Search for the keyword to find the actual track name from its backup
  3. Cancel to return to Auxy project list
  4. Sort by name
  5. Find project by name
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You can search Auxy projects (in the app) using Spotlight search. I.e. just pull down on the home screen and type the name of the project.

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Does it work on iPhone?


I pulled down the home menu but don’t see anything

I still can’t find spotlight search on my phone ;-;

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Found it, ty!

i thought having 7 projects was a lot you don’t delete them :skull: rip iPhone storage

Projects hardly use any space when stored so you should be able to have thousands. If you run out of space, it’s likely because of renders or downloaded sounds.

7?!! I have like 600 lmao

so true tho I have 1000+ sounds lmao I thought it was the projects lol