SUFOS - Underneath (Chill)

Hey people! I finally got around to finish one of my tracks that i had sitting in my projects, and it turned out great. Its kinda Chill/Future Bass-y. Also, remember to stay around for the 2nd drop, its a pixel explosion! Okay, enough talking. Here you go!

(I have a couple more tracks coming out soon, including some deeper, heavier tracks, and my best track to date. Stay tuned :wink:)

I am so close to hitting 4K listens on Soundcloud. My listens are going very slowly up, so i would love to hit 4K today! Who’s gonna get my 4000th listen?

Here is my music:

(when i hit 4K im gonna release my best ever track…


Hey, I enjoyed the track!
-I like the second drop! It adds good spice to repetitive melody line.
-I also love the ending automation!
-the code progression sounds a bit too usual? I think you can change the length of each sound.

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Thank you man!

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