Subscription No Longer Includes Monthly Sounds?


Hello, I’m writing as a paying customer of Auxy who did not receive any new sounds in the previous month, September. According to the subscription FAQ page, the subscription includes “new sounds each month.”

Where are the sounds for September?


This should help a bit, I was also confused primarily.



Monthly usually means once per calendar month, not every 30 days


They seem to have an interesting way of releasing the soundpacks, I just wanted to help you understand why it is we didn’t receive a soundpack. :slight_smile:


Appreciated :smile:


If you meant roughly each 30 days, could you update the subscription FAQ accordingly?



I’d have to agree with Humanoid here



Didn’t we get the Neurofunk collections?

Just because something doesn’t happen once doesn’t mean it wont happen every time after that. They spent September creating a magnificent Quality of Life update for you all.


Neurofunk came out in August


Agreed, I totally get it. Just that there was no official announcement or agreement besides the FAQ which had information that is no longer accurate


A short announcement that the sound pack would be delayed due to the development of the update would have definitely cleared the air


Lenberg responded to this in another topic…

I think that answers OPs question.


Thank you to you and Goxenar for that. I started this thread to keep conversations about this separate from original thread about requests/predictions.