Subscription Glitch?

I’ve had the yearly subscription since last year and all of a sudden Auxy acts as if my subscription ended. I wasn’t too sure if the subscription really ended since iTunes is acting like absolutute crap when it comes to subscriptions. This quickly became a problem when it comes to traveling. I use an iPad that only connects to the internet through Wi-Fi and the problem occurs whenever I don’t have access to the internet.

Yes, I have tried to restore purchases, yes, I have relaunched the app by going into the app switcher and closing it, yes, I have relogged into the correct Apple ID.

What do I do?

I believe it’s not a “glitch” with auxy, but rather a way to make sure people can’t dodge the subscription by just going offline.
You have to be online to access the subscription.

You can be offline for up to a week without having your sound library reset.


Please tap “contact support” in the app and drop us an email so we can resolve it. The email will contain a log file with the necessary information we need.


Btw. you could also try these steps: