Submit your tracks to TUNDRA PROMOTIONS!

Hello, disco! Today I’m announcing my new music promotion brand!


This was an idea that I’ve had for a while, and just recently I was reminded about it by @NYC, so I decided to get to it and start planning it out. It’s still being built right now, but it won’t be long before it is out into the world.

Basically, TUNDRA is a music promotion brand that is built around the Auxy community. All submissions will be Auxy songs created by you guys. We are going to be primarily posting on YouTube, but a SoundCloud repost might be a feature sometime.

Don’t worry, I won’t be stealing songs and posting them on there. I will be getting permission to post everything from the original creators. Everyone will be credited and linked in the description. You will be given a cut of revenue when we start to monetize.

Are you interested? Do you want to be featured? Look no further! You can submit your song(s) right now! PM me!


At the risk of sounding very ‘business plan’-like… just a few questions… :wink:

What’s the plan for building an audience (other than ‘Build it and they will come’)?
Without an audience, there’s little value to either the channel(s) owner or for those having their work reposted.

Of the music-listening public – and even A&R people – who (outside of the Auxy user community and devs) cares if it’s #MadeInAuxy? What’s the special value that an Auxy-exclusive promo channel brings to the audience outside of, well, us?

It may well take a while to hit the 10K views threshold required before a YT account can start to monetise.
And then, even if you do manage to pass that threshold, and get accepted into the partner program (required to monetise, afaik), but views per video are still only double/triple digits, no-one’s going to be getting more than pennies.

What sort of promotion ‘package’ does ‘featured’ bring?
In terms of promotion value, how will it differentiate from throwing $10 at an established Promo channel for the promise of X followers / Y plays / Z reposts?

How will it differentiate from the Auxy Soundcloud channel reposting – or finding Auxy tracks via the #Auxy hashtag?
(Auxy YT channel is criminally neglected, but their Soundcloud channel has over 2K followers. Not a huge number, but likely to yield a bump in plays/likes/reposts/etc…)

Why would a Soundcloud repost only be a possible later feature – it’s far simpler than a ‘YouTube first’ approach, surely.
(It’s certainly v simple to put up a new Soundcloud channel and repost chosen #Auxy tracks. Simple enough to do it, as well, from day one, imo.)

Certainly don’t mean to say you shouldn’t do it. I just like ‘kicking the tyres’ on ideas – particularly those predicated on an eyeballs/ad-revenue model. :wink:


If you were planning to monetize from my music, I would want to see a proper contract before I gave permission for any form of redistribution.

Just food for thought.

I wish you all the best though, all great ideas have to start somewhere.


There is no real promotion plan right now. In fact, it will probably be a big struggle to get everyday viewers. I admit, we are going to be, as you said, building it and hoping they come. Right now with competition 10 million subscribers ahead of us, we don’t really plan to get big, and make loads of cash off of this. This is really just a project for myself and the Auxy community to be apart of. It can bring the community even more together, and hopefully gain a few people out of it.

The specialty in the Auxy-made-music exclusive features is to show that this is truly built off of the Auxy community and nothing else. And of course, new people who find out channel, or a video, will see Auxy in the description and try it out. Also, I want this channel to only feature people in this community, nowhere else.

Yes, it will take a while before we can even make a penny off of this, but like I said; this channel is not made for money, or fame. It is only a small perk that can come in a very, very long time. I could be doing this for a year, and still be as far as 100 subscribers; but even that can’t be promised.

YouTube has always been an easy platform for random people to find new channels all the time. I believe that YouTube is far easier to get subscribers, and views. Not only because it is a dominant application/website, but also because it isn’t as community based as SoundCloud. It really isn’t easy to get followers on SoundCloud who are outside of the Auxy Community, or have never heard of Auxy before.

We will have SoundCloud as a later option because SoundCloud doesn’t help much without an audience. we will bring it once we have followers willing to watch it. Truth is, it’s just unnecessary to use SoundCloud as a feature right now.

Thanks for the questions! I’m glad that you are showing interest in this.

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I presume you mean the Auxy community, is that correct?
(It would be strange if @Auxy et al signed-up without having Auxy somewhere in the naming/branding.)

For me, the ‘value proposition’ is still not really clear, even when comparing it to what’s available today, including this forum.
Such things are super-difficult to get up and running, and get traction – let alone when you’re trying to create something that’s ‘niche’ by design.
It takes a fair amount of market analysis and insight to even stand a chance of being something more than a side-hobby.

But, still, can’t hurt, so go for it!
Good luck and I hope you prove me wrong. :slight_smile: :+1: :+1:

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Yeah, by Auxy I meant the Auxy Community. Sorry, I’ll fix that.

To be honest, there isn’t much that you can be promised to get out of it, I’ll admit it. But there is nothing that you can lose submitting a track. What if it does go viral? Not that it will. Chances are, we will be getting a steady >10 views, lol. But it’s 10 more views that you didn’t have before. Me promoting your music doesn’t cost money, time, or anything such. All you have to do is send me (a) song(s) and give me permission to post it. Nothing lost out of it.

Also, this is a side-hobby if anything. At least right now it is.

Anyways, thanks for all of the questions and concerns. I’m sure there are others with the same questions that can see this!

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New logo! What do you guys think?


Come on dude. I understand you want to create a music channel, but there is already ones out there by the auxy community, like “The Replay Button” and “Nextco”. Don’t wanna be blunt or anything, but I think that you might need to try a different market. This isn’t exactly the first channel of it’s kind…
I also reckon that trying to monetize from other people’s tracks is a big no-no. Just sayin.

I agree that there needs to be a focus on what value is being added to the market. That starts with identifying the gaps in the market, what other channels are missing or not doing well.

I understand where you’re coming from, but I wouldn’t necessarily agree with that part – and I think the market would also disagree.

Major promo channels on YouTube such as Majestic Casual, MrSuicideSheep and Trap Nation will certainly have the videos they show monetised for the ad revenue. For them, their YT channel is their full-time job.

How much of that revenue makes its way back to the artists, I don’t know. Possibly zero, but they benefit from MrSuicideSheep promoting the track to a large audience (which then grows/spreads virally) and promoting the artist’s other channels, which are monetised for them.

Many artists want/try to get their tracks promoted on such channels – for the exposure. MrSuicideSheep was receiving around 100 submissions each day back in 2014. It’s likely to be many times that now. (He has a submissions page for artists who want their track(s) to be featured on the channel.)

As to how much the channel owners make from such channels, estimates vary widely. However, according to a 2014 Reddit AMA, MrSuicideSheep stated the YT channel was his full-time job.

SocialBlade estimates MrSuicideSheep’s income from the channel anywhere between £152.2K and £2.4M. Either way, it’s earning a good living – and he is earning it.

From the artists’s perspective, some artists have been discovered and had their careers launched in to the top-flight by promotion on such channels.
e.g. Mura Masa went from bedroom producer to collaborating with major artists including A$ap Rocky, Charlie XCX, Desiigner and Damon Albarn after being promoted to Majestic Casual’s 3M+ audience.

Majestic Casual et al have cultivated and built audiences in the millions, through years of curation. Much of their success may be down to luck, in that they’ve hit a rich vein, resonating with listeners. However, they’ve done it, they have built something that is of value to artists.

That kind of exposure is something that, according to traditional business/marketing models, artists would be the ones paying for – and yet, it’s likely that artists and labels don’t make claims on ad revenue, but instead appreciate the exposure, which pays off down-the-line in monetised plays on their own channels, incl. Spotify as well as merch, appearance fees and collaboration fees.
Their relationship with channels like MajesticCasual and MrSuicideSheep fits quite closely to the standard ‘loss-leader’ model.

Of course, the channels themselves have also built brands, which can be monetised in other ways, incl. merch sales, labels, etc… just as you might expect from stuff like DJs and radio stations (i.e. other situations where brands and reputations are built by curating and sharing/promoting content from 3rd-parties.)

Bottom-line, when you’ve built an audience of that scale, and can guarantee enough exposure to help generate downstream sales and kick-start careers, the relationship, the arrangement and the model itself becomes symbiotic – mutually beneficial.


You’ve got a few alignment issues I’d fix before going live.


Aren’t you apart of

Fwiw, the way the U falls below the baseline is actually correct. It’s correct for all round-bottomed characters.

The other alignment issues are legit though – and slack! :wink:
Additionally, the kerning on PROMOTIONS could benefit from some attention.

TBH, I’m not really feeling the logo. Seems like ‘a thing’, a pretty basic attempt at logo-ising a word, but not particularly good. There’s no visual connection between the word and the meaning of the word.

Think why you chose that word. Why did you feel it was right for this project?
What ideas pop into your head when think about that word?
Are you representing them at all?

I’d recommend getting your eyeballs on, get some more inspiration and take another swing at it. :slight_smile:

BTW, I’d drop the ‘promotions’. You’re not registering a company name, so you don’t need it – and it’s naff, imo.


I’m aware of overshooting. I was just trying to give the OP a nudge in the right direction.

I was nodding along with your other points as well.
Both name and logo could do with some more thought.

Thanks @akabillposters and @blakkaz for the feedback on the logo. Obviously, this was a selfmade logo, and I’m not a professional graphics designer in anyway. I’ll go ahead and fix those problems, and I’ll try to come up with a better-fitting logo as well! Also, I’m going to keep Promotions in the name, because that’s what it does, promotes music.

Will that not be self-evident from the channel activity?
(Wouldn’t that also justify calling it ‘Tundra Music Promotions’?)

I hear the word and I instantly think something on the level of a mobile DJ or something you might expect to find in the Yellow Pages.
It’s simply not how modern initiatives/brands talk. Twitter Short-Messaging Service? Google Search Engine Services?

MrSuicideSheep, MajesticCasual et al seem to do just fine without spelling it out.

Of course – your choice. :slight_smile:

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I second this.
It makes me think of late night commercials selling Tupperware.

It needs more Sham Wow.

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Yep they’ve release a few of my tracks. I was just using them as an example… : )

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Yeah that’s a fair call. What I was trying to say is that you need to be transparent with the artists on this sort of thing, which I’m sure you will be. :smile: :wink:

The hard part for you guys (and anyone who wants to do the same thing) will be trying to grow your audience, because like I said before there is just sooo much competition out there.

I’m totally happy to help you guys out with anything/get involved that sort of thing if you need me, but by the sounds of things you guys have it sorted! :+1:

One thing I would suggest though is doing joint releases with other start up labels and the like. It allows you to share you viewers and exposure with each other!:wink: