“Stupid turtle” Megacollab (electronic)


Any amount of people can be in it.

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If I get any new parts submitted to me, I’ll do either of these:
I’ll have a public poll to decide who’s part will be in the final result. Then I’ll pass the winner to the next person.

The person who finishes their part first decides who does the next part.

Idk I don’t have very many ideas for this beat

ummm I add piano in it.
and I change some of your beats :smiley:

I like this one! I added some stuff afterwards, let’s pass it to @L1me next

Sorry for ping…

will it release?

thx a lot

K I’ll work on it


I think I ruined it :sweat_smile: I still like it https://app.auxy.co/projects/9qGEF2tL9dviNhUksvfcPg==


I’ll do that

I got some parts after that!

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Here: https://app.auxy.co/projects/RW4PiEMKeDjPqWzXSntfZg==

I don’t have a SoundCloud. If you do feel free to release the final product as long as you credit me, L1me, LILAC, and TypeBlack!

U shud get it @SmackdownBeta its free and if u can’t get the app then there’s a website version 2

thx a lot
it’s so good to work u guys

fix more stuff

I’ve added some stuff to it!

And removed, for that matter.