Stuck in my head!

I was listening to my best friend’s cousin beatboxing(which sound great in my opinion) After a while he made a beat that I’ll loved to implement in auxy but I can’t seem to enter it in correctly, it’s been a week now and whenever I try to create it or work on another track it plays in my head and I make no progress at all. Any ideas how to tackle this problem?

Get him to record it. Play it back slowly to help you work out the rhythms.

Or cheat and use the recording of him in a track :smiley:

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I asked him to repeat it, but doesnt want to, I do know how it sounds but it seems that what ever bass I use to make it is just a bit off, I changed the tempo once and it sound great but the tempo is to slow for my type of music, but I’ll keep asking him or secretly record him XD. Thx for the help

Tell him if he doesn’t let you record it then you’ll record it yourself and say it was him. Then intentionally do a really bad impression of it.



Make sure you are using the right tempo.

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And key

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If you are stuck in your head and want to leave, you can just open the door and walk out.

If you’re trying to get a beat down in auxy, try playing it really slowly



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