Strobe - Deadmau5 [Remade by Supeez, Project]

Hello again fellow deadmau5 fans! I’m yet again posting another remake of one of deadmau5’s hit tracks, Strobe. This is isn’t my best remake because of i haven’t really put so much time and effort into this one as my others but is is certainly a decent one. Well if you enjoy the remake feel free to leave your feedback and feel free to tweak it your likings. Thank you!

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Nice track :smiley:


Can you please post it on SoundCloud

This was such a coincidence. Even I made a remix for this

I bet Eswyn would like this.

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You are correct!

I like how I opened the forum, noticed ‘Deadmau5’ and immediately opened the thread, and the first thing I saw was ‘I bet Eswyn would like this’. Feel free to @mention me!

As for the cover, it’s well done! There are a few notes that are incorrect here and there, but overall it’s great!

I played with the sounds and tweaked some of the drum samples