Still Growing Up - 3 Strings Band

This is a song that I helped produce with some friends recently. It is mostly acoustic, but if you listen for it, I put some Auxy stuff in there. Anyway, give it a listen!


I love this! Idk if that’s you singing, but whoever it is is destined to be a singer.

I just don’t think the claps & snares in the buildup really sank in well with the song. I think a more organic clap sound would have worked better, maybe if you recorded you and your friends clapping together, or if you just found a good sample.

And the singer sounds a bit off tune when he curls his voice (Idk how to explain) at 1:11 and 2:19

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Yeah, it’s definitely not perfect. But it’s only our first song, so expect future tracks to be much better! Thanks for the feedback!

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Nice stuff. Do any of the other members have Disco accounts? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sadly, no. None of them use auxy…yet :wink: Maybe I can convince them!