Stereofield - Genesis (Synthwave, Chill) [efflux release] :soundcloud:

I’m very excited to announce efflux’s newest release, “Genesis” by @stereofield.

when I first recieved this submission, I immediately knew it deserved a release on the efflux label. efflux is still pretty new so any support on this track is greatly appreciated!

watch on youtube (w/ visualizer):
listen on soundcloud:



@stereofield Awesome job, left some comments. Incredibly smooth production - everything just sat so well in the mix. You didn’t fill it with a bunch of unneeded crap, it stated what it needed to and stated it well :slight_smile:


Does nobody remember the Pikachu track genesis that was the original version of this? Just messing around, I think it’s great that it was claimed and remixed by stereofield (pikachu)


haha just because I didn’t mention it doesn’t mean I don’t remember it

also, I don’t think it was a remix of the pikachu track…

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how could it not be? its literally the same but with new elements with newer instruments. thats a remix if you ask me

I guess you can ask the artist but I’m pretty sure there weren’t many things changed from the original track

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Not many but there were noticeable changes

this song is just amazing :clap::clap::clap:

It’s a re-release