Step-up Remix challenge

Welcome to remix challenge.
Rule is simple.
I’ll give you a song to remix so y’all try to remix them.
Yes, rule is simple. But song which I’ll give and/or conditions will be tough.
This is the reason of “Step-up”
But hey, you don’t need to hesitate. There’re no any penalties instead of no rewards. So just remix at will.
Now this time, I’ll give this song.

traverse by Yumi NANATSUTANI

Fortunately, there’s a score

Relaxing and melodic song. I love it. I want hear this song when rain outside.
But I think remixing this song will hard ‘cause this song will play with 6/8.
Remixing not 4/4 song will hard but worth to try.
There are no any limitations at all.
Well, have fun!