Status update for those who listen (and news for those who don't)

For those of you who like me or my music, you may be wondering about my recent… strangeness? ive been uploading mainly collabs with my friend and neighbor Kvothe, but iv’e been pretty sparse other than that. It’s been a pretty rough time for me personally, with school starting back up at full force. But I should be as active as normal by Sep. 14. when I start producing my long-planned EP Mental Breaks, in which there will be some messed up stuff, and lyrics(explicit). Here’s a teaser image which will be for the first track, kamikaze. Tequila remix should be out a little before that as well… kamikaze

(I made the art btw)

@Auxy doesn’t like self promotions

hmm, not really self promoting, since there’s nothing to promote yet. It’s exactly what the title says it is, a “status update”

and also, you didn’t have to click on it if you didn’t care in the first place

Well, that isn’t the stuff that should be in the forums. Not exactly sure, just waiting on @Auxy’s response.

you could ping him a couple more times while you’re at it

He isn’t online. I’ll just wait

there isn’t even a link. I have no idea how this would remotely classify as self promotion. I’m not sure why you’re here, if not to start something

The art is scary lol but it looks cool :clap:

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thanks dood!

when the EP drops, I’ll post the link in the post your tracks thread just like everyone else.

and also it’s 1:00 in the morning in stockholm. you’ll be waiting awhile…

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@Kata Wait it actually is explicit lol

Dude just let her do her thing. God i mean i get that he doesnt like it but if u dont tell people about ur music then noone will no about it at all. It aint ur job to put people down either. Its the moderators job to merge these with OTHER topics.

I like your art.

I’m not sure we need status updates about projects you intend to make though.
By all means let us know when you’re finished. :+1:

“her?” rofl
it’s ok though buddy, kata is pretty gender ambiguous

yea i realize this. thanks for the compliment about the art tho.

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are you using auxy too?

Oml… im so sorry :joy: